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April 15, 2013

Unlikely Heroes

Two weeks into the 2013 season the Braves are a one-loss team and riding an eight-game winning streak. Even considering all the high hopes I brought to the table this year, it’s a better start than I dared imagine, thanks …

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April 14, 2013

Show #219: The Braves Continue to Surge in Week 2

Are the Braves really this good?  What to do with Gattis?  Teheran’s 2013? Fredi’s lineups.



April 12, 2013

Evan Gattis: Wait and See but Enjoy the Ride

The Braves’ 26-year-old rookie, Evan Gattis, is on fire, triple-slashing .391/.440/.826 in his first 6 games and 25 plate appearances.  Some were skeptical that Gattis would be a very good everyday player.  Some were overly joyed at Gattis’ minor league …

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April 07, 2013

Show #218: The Braves Impress in Week 1

The Saturday night comeback. Freeman to the DL. Reviewing what’s working. Worried or Not Worried. Venters’ MRI results.



April 07, 2013

More on Braves Strikeouts

In on post on the on Thursday the Braves beat writer David O’Brien once again addressed the Braves and all the whiffs to come.  He seems to think that while the Braves should do just fine, the high strikeout …

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