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June 30, 2013

Show #230: Braves Bats Wake Up and Sweep the Weekend

The Chipper ceremony. Grading Fredi’s first half. The FO and the trade deadline. And the July schedule.



June 27, 2013

Andrelton Simmons Should Hit Low in the Order In Spite of Ability to Make Contact

For all that’s made of the strikeout and good things happening when players make contact, it actually doesn’t play out that way in the real world:

Braves on Balls in Play: .295/.293/.364

National League on Balls in Play: .298/.295/.377

Braves …

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June 23, 2013

Show #229: Braves Offense Hits New Lows

The disappearing offense. Moves to be made? Uggla’s eyes. And Schafer vs. Gattis.



June 22, 2013

Braves Doing Okay with RISP

Much has been made of the Braves’ futility with runners in scoring position. As I wrote this, looking at the statistics before Wednesday’s action, the Braves had the second-worst batting average in the National League and the fourth-worst slugging percentage …

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June 16, 2013

Show #228: Braves Uneven Offense Leads to Uneven Week

The SD and SF series. Beachy’s setback. Where should BJ, JUP and Chris Johnson bat? And the Atlanta Braves Mt. Rushmore.