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August 11, 2014

Who’s To Blame for Braves’ Flaws?

With the Braves’ playoff chances seeming to slip away, as things stand now, there seems to be an un-Atlanta-like finger-pointing among the fan base and the local media.  Frankly, it’s kind of refreshing to see some negative passion and a …

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August 10, 2014

Show #274: Another Sub .500 Week for the Braves

What’s the weakest component of the team? Minor’s return to the rotation. Fredi’s clubhouse management. Harper and the logo.



August 07, 2014

Hall of Fame Inductions Demonstrate Braves’ Greatness

On Sunday, July 27th I got a chance to attend the Baseball Hall of Fame induction ceremony, featuring Bobby Cox, Tom Glavine and Greg Maddux.  I also visited the Hall of Fame museum the Friday before induction day.

When you …

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August 03, 2014

Show #273: Braves Go 0 for West Coast

Remembering Pete Van Wieren, the 6 game skid, the trades and more on Minor and BJ.