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August 31, 2015

Show #313: Braves Losing Ways Continue

The good and bad of the 1-5 week. Swisher in left next year? The end of Williams Perez? What will Olivera’s September look like?



August 23, 2015

Show #312: A Winless Road Streak

Rough starts from the young trio. Jace Peterson in 2016? Mike Minor in 2016? Olivera hype begins.



August 16, 2015

Show #311: An Uneven 5 Game Stretch

Good and bad of the week. Checking in on the recent ex-Braves. Bourn next year?



August 09, 2015

Show #310: The Braves Finally Trade Chris Johnson

Pros and Cons of Bourn and Swisher. Markakis and AJ carrying the offense. Remembering the 95 Champs.



August 02, 2015

Show #309: The Trades Continue in a Big Way

Did the Braves pay too much for Olivera? What impact can we expect for the 2015 Braves? Will the Braves move Teheran?