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July 29, 2018

Show #412: The Deadline is Here

Newcomb’s near no-no. An average July. Options at the trade deadline. Chipper’s HOF Moments.



July 24, 2018

Bullpen Options Should Come From Within

It’s no secret the Braves would like to add a reliever before the trade deadline.  They have the prospects to trade for any available reliever, most likely.  But, even if they trade for relief help, they should also consider taking …

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July 22, 2018

Show #411: A Mid-Season Check in with Kevin McAlpin

Kevin McAlpin at the break. Fair or Foul on Trades and the Braves Outlook for rest of season.



July 15, 2018

Show #410: The All Star Break

To Trade or Not To Trade (again). ASG predictions. Halfway point awards.



July 09, 2018

Show #409: The 10 Game Road Trip Ends with a Thud

The 2-5 week. Braves in on Machado. Carter Stewart does not sign. Braves ASG selections.