July 24, 2008

Don’t Get Too Excited

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~JB @ The Launching Pad

Believe it or not no home runs were hit as the Braves snagged 9 runs before exiting Miami last night. But thanks in large part to Gregor Blanco, who had a 4-5 night with 3 RBI’s and a triple, and Tim Hudson’s scoreless six innings, the Braves got a win… on the road… against the Marlins…. and won the series!!

 I know you’re all ready to jump right back on the bandwagon but sloooooow down. 

Chipper and Huddy both left the game with what are supposedly minor injuries. Bobby says he thinks Tim is ok but the silence about Chipper’s status is arousing a collective “Here we go again” groan from Braves Nation. And here’s another little dark thread to weave right through your silver lining… A 9-0 game became a 9-4 game because of an ugly ninth inning at the hands of Buddy Carlyle. I’m surprised as Buddy has had some rather decent appearances lately but though we got the win, these hideous ninth innings (Manny Acosta, Julian Taveras, Blaine Boyer even) have me feeling less than exuberant about last night’s victory. Reason being, the fickle Braves bats will either put up big numbers or get shut out. So 9 run games are nice but are not indicators yet of what this team will do on a consistent basis. I’m more happy to see good relief pitching slam doors even if they are 9 run lead doors.   

In other news…

It’s rumored that Mike Hampton will start in Saturday’s game. I believe he’s scheduled to pitch on Flying Pig Night at Citizen’s Bank Park so we’ll make sure to check in and see if this actually comes to fruition. Honestly, why can’t we just trade Hampton to Japan or the Mexican League or even Iraq for some hostages? I’m tired of him and the Braves toying with us on this “comeback” of his. I was lucky enough however to capture a photo of Mike Hampton’s likely replacement if he can’t make his start. 

Day off today

So we can all think about how much longer Teixeira will be a Brave and what moves (if any) will be made in the next week. 

Trade Deadline Countdown: 8 Days.


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2 Responses to “Don’t Get Too Excited”

  1. 1
    Steve Says:

    JB – Love the picture of Hampton! So, are you in the “mad at Hampton” camp? I see a lot of that out on the blogs – real vitriol against Hampton. I can’t muster it. Seems to me like the guy is busting his butt to get back and his body just won’t allow it. Thoughts?

  2. 2
    JB Says:

    no I don’t hate Hampton.

    I just like making light of this whole ordeal because it’s become so comic to me at this point.

    No hard feelings other than the tons of money we’ve poured into his salary.

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