September 08, 2008

At least we don’t have to play these guys again.

On the Field with JB
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The Braves ended their season of playing the Nationals the same way they started… losing.

We can’t hold onto a lead. We can’t get a series win at home. And we just couldn’t beat the Nationals this year.

Jo Jo had a decent day going 6 innings and allowing one run. But then the bullpen came in and promptly blew it for him.

Yesterday it was Gonzo who came in with a tie game in the ninth and couldn’t close the door. Today it was Boyer who allowed the crucial runs in the eighth to make it more interesting than it should be.

14 innings and 34 LOB’s later, the Braves do nothing better than a series split over the weekend.

Title Watch

Chipper had a 3-6 day (one of those three should’ve been scored an error but I guess the fielder has to make contact with the ball first) and Mr. Jones is now sitting at .358, one point behind Pujols.

Game Ball

No one from today’s game deserves a game ball. I didn’t give one out yesterday but Kelly would get it for keeping his hot September hitting going with a ninth inning hard luck ground rule double that only tied the game. Chipper’s two RBI’s today were helped out by the bright Atlanta sun and Milledge’s inability to shade his eyes but since Sunday’s game was kind of pathetic, it’s good enough.

Up Next

Rockies come to town playing barely better baseball than us after reaching the World Series in 2007. They’re games better than the Braves so it’ll be a battle of mediocrity this week from Tuesday to Thursday before the Braves head back to New York to “Meet the Mets” one last time.

At least I finally got my Potato Head.



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