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May 20, 2009

Playing Catch-Up

I opened my local sports page today. I flipped past all the local sports coverage; high school sports just aren’t that important. There were a couple of interesting bits, though. Our local Norfolk Tides are riding an eight-game win streak.

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May 05, 2009

I Hate Baseball

I hate baseball.

The Braves make me hate baseball sometimes. It’s not like it was when I was a kid. Back then, the team was also awful. The difference? Back then, we didn’t expect anything more out of the team.

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April 21, 2009

It’s All About the Fundamentals

I watched most of the game last night in Washington, when the Braves twice failed to advance the runner with a sacrifice bunt. Unfortunately, this is nothing new for Atlanta fans. It seems to me that the Braves decided at …

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April 14, 2009

Revisiting Childhood Trauma

Remember back when you were a kid, back when you first reached that age where your Little League team started facing live pitching from other kids? No more coach-pitch, no more t-ball…real, live, actual kids, pitching! Remember how exciting that …

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April 06, 2009

First Impressions…

Well, the 2009 season is finally underway and the Braves kicked it off by taking the Phillies’ home-opener 4-1. It was a game dominated by an encouraging pitching performance from new Braves Derek Lowe and a somewhat surprising display of …

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