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March 10, 2019

Show #430: Spring Training Headlines

ST surprises. Injury updates. The battle for the 5th spot. And the Harper signing.



February 17, 2019

Show #429: Our Interview with Craig Calcaterra

We talk to Craig about the lack of moves this offseason, the Anthopolous and McGuirk interview in the Athletic and Braves potential in 2019.



February 10, 2019

Show 428: A Swing and a Miss on JT Realmuto

The JTR non-trade. Why no other moves? Should Julio be part of the rotation? Who else?



January 31, 2019

Show #427: Director Ken Rodgers on ESPN’s “30 for 30: Deion’s Double Play”

In advance of the premiere of ESPN’s “30 for 30: Deion’s Double Play”, we sit down with director, Ken Rodgers, to discuss the once in a lifetime sports moment that happened in Atlanta in the 90’s. Ken discusses the making of the documentary, as well as his take on the entire event.



January 27, 2019

Show #426: Markakis Returns. Now What?

Markakis returns. Is something else in the works? Maybe Realmuto?
Fangraphs is high on the Nats and low on the Braves. Agree or Disagree?