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October 11, 2015

Show #319: Our Interview with David O’Brien

Closing out the 2105 season and looking ahead to 2016 with David O’Brien of the AJC.



October 04, 2015

Show #318: A Strong Close to the Season

Shelby breaks his streak. Grading the Rookies. Whither Heyward. Season MVP/LVP



September 27, 2015

Show #317: An Uneven Week for the Braves

Good and Bad signs. The trade you wouldn’t have made. Should Freddie be untouchable?



September 20, 2015

Show #316: The Braves Take A Series

How soon will the Braves turn it around? Showing love for Markakis and AJ. Who should be shut down? Who should play?



September 13, 2015

Show #315: The Braves Slip in to Last Place

Has Fredi lost the clubhouse? Next year’s starting rotation? The organizational awards. Rooting for 1st pick?