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September 07, 2014

Show #278: Braves Struggle in Miami and Fall out of WC Slot

What should Fredi do these final 19 games? Why is BJ still in the lineup? Handicapping the final WC spot.



September 01, 2014

Show #277: The Wildcard Chase Stops for a No Hitter

Playoff appearance or off-season rebuild? Who to trade? How much is on Wren? Heyward or Justin? The Post Season Hope Meter.



August 24, 2014

Show #276: Braves Winning Week Ends with a Thud

Playoff hopes. Terry McGuirk and accountability. Heyward in the 1. Minor’s resurgence.



August 17, 2014

Show #275: Braves Hang in the Wild Card Race

The Braves close out the week strong. Heyward back in the lead off spot. Will Kris Medlen be back in 2015?



August 10, 2014

Show #274: Another Sub .500 Week for the Braves

What’s the weakest component of the team? Minor’s return to the rotation. Fredi’s clubhouse management. Harper and the logo.