September 10, 2008

B is for…

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B is for bizarre because this season in Atlanta has been nothing less than weird. Which calls to mind, in case you missed it…

B is for Balk. Which is how we won the game last night. I guess you call that a “Balk Off” win? Don’t you miss Deion sometimes?

B is for Braves who are absolutely killing me this year. But hey, we won right? That’s something to be happy about.

B is for blown save. Which Mike Gonzalez had last night. He’s not looking like his usual reliable self in late innings. Which reminds me.

B is also for Blaine Boyer who knows all about blown saves since he’s 1 for 5 in that category.

B is for B-Mac though who had a decent night again last night 2-5 with an RBI. The hope for the future.

B is for bewildered. Did I miss something? Why did Kelly who’s been on fire this spring sit for Infante? Oh that’s right he’s a lefthanded batter. Oh well it makes sense now to sit your hottest hitter (.500 in Sept.) because he’s hitting an awful .258 against righthanded pitching. ??? Was it rest? Do we want to lose to the Rockies? I just don’t get it.

B is for Blanco. Will it be him or Anderson or Schaefer come Spring?

B is for “Big money” about $40 million of it. You know what that means?

I’m going to stop there before I completely annoy you and I both.

Braves get a win last night over the Rockies. (yay) And game two will see Parr on the mound for his second big league start.

Chipper (what did he do?) got a stolen base last night. Running on those paper maché wheels of his. Anderson had another presentable night going 2-6 in his start with his 6th stolen base. To be honest, I know he may hit right around .300 at best but taking bases and scoring runs and just being on the paths provides a lot of value even though this team likes to rely on long balls (Larry David) too much at times.

Apart from Gonzo’s blown save, the rest of the bullpen held up. Bennett and Ohman, kept the Rockies scoreless and Taverez had another no-run appearance after Gonzo’s lastest meltdown. Campillo didn’t dazzle but only allowed three earned runs and a pair of HR’s last night. 3 BB’s cancel 3 K’s and he gave up 5 hits in 6.1 innings. Quality sorta. But even three runs can be dangerous with a feast or famine offense.

Title Watch

Chipper’s sitting pretty at .359 but Pujols is back up to .361 one again with 17 games left to play.

Game Ball

No one really stands out as having an exceptional night but I’ll give it to Frenchy. He needs a little confidence building and he did have a pair of hits, one an RBI double, and only 1 LOB. Compare that to Kotchman’s 8 LOB’s and that looks real good. Anderson, McCann, and the aforementioned Kotchman did drive in a few. Josh, Infante, Chipper, McCann also had two hit nights if that matters to you.

B is for Braves blog.

Keep Choppin’

PS Please email me if you get the Larry David insert. If you don’t go watch “Curb Your Enthusiasm”.

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