May 21, 2010

Big Red (and Blue) Machine

I sat at my desk at work watching Tommy Hanson get lit up by the Cincinnati Reds on Thursday and something told me I shouldn’t turn the game off. Maybe it was boredom, maybe intuition…nope it was boredom. But still, something told me to keep watching, and boy I’m glad I did.

As the game went on and the Braves had all but lost it, I began to look on the bright side of things… split the 2-game series with the 1st place Reds, Jesse Chavez finally looked good on the mound, Chipper only looked 36 ½ years old and Troy Glaus had 3 more hits. Nice.

None of those things matter right now as the Braves pulled the most unexpected comeback I have seen since Sammy Sosa’s skin tone. Trailing 9-3 entering the 9th inning there was really no shot at a win, so I was just hoping for some hits to get them on a roll heading into Pittsburgh on Friday. As the inning unfolded I watched a little closer with each batter—mind you I was at work with a meeting going on that was delayed because I just so happened to “be on the phone” and had to arrive late.

After Nate McLouth’s 2 RBI double to make it 9-5, I hung up the phone and preyed no one came into my office to drag me to the meeting. Martin Prado hit a grounder right to Miguel Cairo at third, a sure double play ball, so I got up from my desk and started to get my notes…but then ANOTHER ERROR! The Reds made 4 defensive errors in Thursday’s game and generally looked like a team that was ready to get on a plane.

Then, Mr. Heyward steps to the plate with the bases loaded, Braves down by 3…I felt something great about to happen, and it did, for the Reds as Heyward went down swinging. That brought Brooks Conrad to the plate. It felt weird to think “at least it’s not Chipper,” but that’s exactly what I was thinking. To the amazement and pure joy of Braves Nation, Conrad hit a deep fly ball that was just far enough for Laynce Nix not to get it. I ran around my office, carefully trying not to make too much noise. I sent out a tweet, but there was no volume control to show how much I wanted to yell. A most improbable walk-off Grand Slam victory for Conrad and the Braves!

The final score—10-9 Braves. To put it in perspective, this was the largest 9th inning come-back win in franchise history. This is the Braves 3rd straight walk-off win and they lead the majors with 6 this year. The Braves are now 12-6 in May and 13-6 at home for the season. This looks like a team on the verge of something good. Since the Braves had so many road games to start the season, things could play out well moving forward. For example, the Braves have 29 games in August, 19 of which are at Turner Field. We could be in for a lot more magic over the summer.

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Until Next time…Go Braves



2 Responses to “Big Red (and Blue) Machine”

  1. 1
    @midnit3mar3 Says:

    I live in a house with my husband(Braves fan) and my sister and her husband (Cinci fans) so yesterday was HUGE for me! I have never been so proud or cheered so loud. Yesterday’s comeback is maybe the best I’ve ever seen. I was thrilled! I had to text my husband (who was at work) and could only say “Omg! Omg!” Awesome game!

  2. 2
    BRAVEinNY (Matt) Says:

    This is definitely the game of the year for the Braves. And living with Reds fans…must be a good feeling!

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