September 20, 2010

Bobby 158 – Matt 1

Bobby Cox was ejected for the 158th time on Friday Night in Queens, NY, furthering his nearly untouchable record. This could be the last time it happens, which has been my first thought every time he has gotten the boot this year, and I am proud to say I was there to see it; well, sort of…

Cox was not the only one ejected from Citi Field on Friday; I joined the party in the 4th inning, along with 6 of my friends. I know what you are thinking, but no we weren’t drunk, we didn’t start a fight, or even yell profanities. Nope, we were kicked out of the game for being Braves fans…and wearing specially made shirts to celebrate my bachelor party. My shirt had a “T” on the front and nothing else. My friends’ shirts…well they each had a letter as well and when we were sitting in our seats our shirts spelled M-E-T-S S-U-C-K.

I understand this is a family atmosphere, but I don’t think the word “suck” is a profanity. If you can use it on ABC Family Channel, you should be able to use it at a sporting event. Furthermore, if Snookie is allowed in Citi Field, then our shirts should look like the New Testament. She is much more offensive than our shirts, in so many different ways. We brought it to the attention of the Citi Field security that we had a First Amendment right to freedom of speech, but we were told that “This isn’t America, it’s Citi Field.” It seems this rule is loosely interpreted though, as a single shirts stating that “Yankees Suck” is acceptable to wear at a Mets game.

If I thought we really did something wrong, I would not have been so angry. If I do something illegal or immoral, I would absolutely own up to it and face the music, but without warning or just cause (in my mind), we were escorted by Mets security and the NYPD out of the stadium. Oh yeah, and they took our tickets so we couldn’t prove it happened. Well my friends, it just so happens one of us was dressed casually and video-taped the whole thing.

We were in no way being rude to anyone around us and in fact, the Mets fans thought it was hilarious. We had our pictures taken a number of times so they could capture the moment; or tell their friends about the idiots that sat behind them at the game. Well, for 2 innings anyway.

The good thing is, we got to the game in the 2nd inning and did get to see all the runs scored in the game. It’s funny how our shirts weren’t a problem when the Mets had a 3-0 lead, but when Jason Heyward blasted a home run off the Subway sign in RF, we were forced to leave the game.

So, we did have a really good time listening to the game in the parking lot and continuing the tailgate party; especially when Billy Wagner came in for the save and we hummed “Enter Sandman” when we thought we was taking the mound. In fact, the stadium (and parking lot) was so empty at that point the remaining fans probably heard our “Tomahawk Chop” chant from parking lot C.

When it comes down to it, I can’t say I’m surprised that we were kicked out. I am surprised that it was unprovoked and handled to poorly. But, I’m sure the security guard is a die-hard Met fan and had to take his frustration of the season out on someone and since we were rival fans and looked happy, he had to feel important and take our fun away. I am willing to bet if our shirts spelled out “Braves Suck,” we would have been there the whole game; just a hunch.

The good news was that the Braves came into New York and played really well, sweeping the Mets in 3-straight. We just need to Phillies to lose one of these days…preferable Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, as the Braves will be in Philly with the NL East title on the line. It’s not going to be easy with Hammels, Halladay and Oswalt scheduled to pitch, but if the Braves are going to win this thing, they have to prove they can beat the Phillies and dethrone the reigning champ.

By the way, if anyone visits Citi Field and runs in to the guy in charge of security, his name is Kevin Anderson. Give him a message for me—The Mets Suck.

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  1. 1
    Bub Says:

    LOLOL!!! I love it. Too awesome.

    (maybe this one will be clickable)

  2. 2
    Ham Says:

    Yeah – totally hypocritical. Back when I lived in NY and went to every Braves game at Shea, you would not have believed the chants and signs that were there. One chant was (to the tomahawk chant) “Braaaves are f*gs, theeeeey suck d*ck”. The whole stadium was chanting this. There were even fans who were taunting the police.

    I hate NY sports.

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