August 01, 2011

Bourn on Date

Ok, I’m officially worried that the Braves got Michael Bourn.  As the trade deadline edged closer, I wasn’t quite sure what, if anything, the Braves were going to do.  I was elated that Atlanta didn’t go after Carlos Beltran.  I promise San Francisco will regret that move.  An aging player with a diminishing skill set that is prone to “old man” type injuries?  The Braves didn’t need to trade for that.  They could just turn their head to the 3rd base area (cough…Chipper…cough).  Sorry, something got caught in my throat.  And the Phillies getting Hunter Pence?  It’s a bit murkier if that’s a better move then Bourn.  Pence has already paid dividends in his first game by, in essence, winning the game for the Phils in extra innings.  But have you seem the guy run?  He looks like a Praying Mantis with Rickets.  However, Pence has been a “Braves Killer” and I want players like that on MY team.  That’s why I didn’t cry when Atlanta passed on Beltran.  I never feared the guy when the Braves played the Mets. Jose Reyes, yes. Carlos Delgado, yeppers.  But, AlsoRan…I mean…Beltran, not at all.  I feared Cody Ross of the Marlins more than Beltran (I also fear people naming their child Cody more than I do them naming them Carlos).  Cody Ross was a Bravos Murder as well and look how he helped the Giants last year.  So even with Hunter Pence’s “BK” status and the fact that he wears those awesome looking “high socks” on his uniform, I think Atlanta made the better move.

But I’m worried because I’ve always considered Bourn a “Braves Killer”.  AND it seems like everyone else likes the move.  Several outlets are ranking the Braves addition of Bourn to be the BEST move at the trade deadline.  So Bourn was a Braves Killer AND the national media thinks it’s a great move?  Oh, boy, I feel a Mark Teixeira moment coming (speaking of people who’ve killed the Braves in recent years).  And while I don’t think those two kids from Auburn will do a song about Bourn like they did for Tex,

(Although I think it might go something like this below):

The NE East is full of scorn,

Cause the Braves got Michael Bourn,

World Series rings they will adorn,

All because of Michael Bourn.

Call your friends, get on the horn,

Cause Atlanta got Michael Bourn,

Other teams are sick…so call a doctor,

Bourn is great…but not Scott Proctor.

I feel like everyone is on board with the trade (I just had to throw that grenade Proctor’s way, sorry).  Bourn is exactly what the Braves needed.  He’s a massive upgrade defensively and offensively to Schafer and McAwful.  Sorry, I meant, McLouth.  He’s the Rafael Furcal type table setter on this team with the Andruw Jones defense in CF.  Since 2009, he’s stolen 157 bases.  The BRAVES have stolen 163.  That’s a big up-swing in getting your leadoff man is position to score.  And Atlanta gave up NOTHING to get him.  AND he’s under contract until 2012. AND he’s got a cool last name that just BEGS for a “Bourne Identity” type nickname/play on words.

So the trade deadline came and the Braves might just be the big winner.  And if this helps Atlanta get to the playoffs, the NLCS and the World Series, I’m all for it.  But we better win…that’s my “Bourn Ultimatum”! (See, told ya it begged for it)

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3 Responses to “Bourn on Date”

  1. 1
    Jo-Bu Says:

    I’m with you on the Beltran trade. I think I was the only one on here that thought he wasn’t worth anywhere near what the Mets would ask for.

  2. 2
    Vinnie Says:

    JB…exactly. I’d be suprised if his production continues like first half.

  3. 3
    Jo-Bu Says:

    Well, he’s on the DL — exactly what I thought was bound to happen with him again. And when I guy basically says he’d prefer NOT to play CF, we’ll, there’s no use for him here.

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