September 19, 2008

Braves Lose to Phillies…Again.

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Just when I thought we could maybe end this thing on a high note.

Some conclusions I’ve reached after this week’s series with this Phillies.

1) I hate the Phillies more than I’ll ever hate the Mets right now. Of course that will change if we could start beating them again. We have to start 2009 on the road against them for crying out loud.  And I’m not at all embarrassed to say that I hate them because they beat us and that makes me a bitter Braves fan.  And It wasn’t just that the beat us. They beat us in the “Kelly Johnson Dropped Ball Series” (Call me masochistic but this says it all for me right now). They beat us at their home in the “Ohman Does Caray-Braves Blow Two Six Run Leads Series”. And more recently they beat us in the “We Can Beat The Mets in Shea But We Can’t Beat The Phillies At Home, Make That 9 In a Row Series”.

2) Maybe the Mets aren’t really all that good.

3) It could be worse. I guess we could have a losing record against the Nationals. Oh yeah…

Now I’m all about trying to not let these things get to me. You know, find my center and what-not. And yeah we’re not in contention. But pride matters too. And I have to say…LOSING 9 STINKING HOME GAMES TO THE PHILLIES MAKES ME FLIP MY LID!!!!! … I’m an emotional blogger.

$@#$* !!!!!!! (<—That’s me cussing)

Well I’m going to skip the recap for today only to say this; the Phillies are a good team this year and I can’t say much more than that they kept beating us. In this last Phillies at Turner Series they got hits when they needed them. Clutch homers fom Howard in Game One and from Burrell last night. And they dominated us with a kid named Happ in between.

But I will leave you with this moment of Zen.

Chipper Jones .365

Albert Pujols   .354

9 games remain.

Oh crap. We have to play the Phillies again.

Welcome back, Mets. Beating them this weekend may make me feel better. IF that actually happens.

Keep Choppin’

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