September 06, 2008

Braves Save Face Against Nats

On the Field with JB
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The Braves hit back hard at the Nationals for 10 runs and secured the series win. Along with not completely embarrassing ourselves in front of the home crowd again while playing the Nats, it gives Jurrjens his first victory since August 9th!

Jair only lasted five innings while struggled with his control allowing 6 hits and 3 BB’s. He did allocate 6 K’s and though he only gave up 1 ER had a somewhat brief outing. But he did get his 12 W.

In relief, Buddy allowed a run, Dessens proved he still needs to pitch only in Mexico and definitely not in Atlanta, and Ridgway and Julio pitched an inning each of scoreless baseball.

Around the lineup;

Chipper, who desperately needs hits to keep pace with Pujols, was hitless. And so was McCann (though he did manage an RBI) and Frenchy. Kelly led the charge on this one bringing his BA up to .277 with 3 hits and 2 RBI’s and scoring 2 R’s. Brandon Jones had one big hit that was worth 3 RBI’s while Kotchman (2 H’s 1 RBI) and Anderson (2-5, 2 R’s) were the only other significant contributors each having multi hit nights.

Title Watch
Pujols droped to .360 but Chipper also fell back to .357. Still within reach but it’s getting late early out there.

Game Ball

KJ’s been on fire lately. He had a double and a triple the night before and kept the hits coming with three of them to go along with 2 RBI’s last night. Good stuff. He’s hitting .571 for September with 8 RBI’s and 12-21 and a .609 OBP. He’s getting hot late and trying to keep the Braves out of the cellar by helping us end on a good note. We’ll see about that.

Braves go for the revenge sweep tonight. Hampton’s (2-2) on the hill at 7:00 pm against Redding (10-8).

Keep Choppin’

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    Melvina Says:

    En dag ute i solen med kameran i högsta hugg.Insåg att sol och snö är svårt att göra ngt av så det fick bli fädsterbrönans blomprakt i kvällssol istället.

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