August 30, 2008

Braves Still Can’t Figure Out Nats

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March 31st, 2008 Ryan Zimmerman hits a walk off homer in Nationals Park off of Pete Moylan. We shrugged it off and went home to face the Pirates since we had no opportunities for redemption in a one game series. Who knew this loss was the first of many handed to us by the Nats? Our losing record against a last place team would have to be the capitalization on an entirely embarrasing year.

Jorge Campillo and the Braves struggles continue as the Nationals won the 8th of 12 contests with the Braves. But on a personal note, the real disappointment for me is seeing Campillo even his record to 7-7 after giving up 5 earned runs for the 4 time of his last 5 starts. He hasn’t gotten a win since August 8th and can’t seem to help the Braves finish strong.

My excitement about Campillo is waning significantly in spite of how much I enjoyed watching each of his quality starts when he was brought in from the bullpen back in May. A guy who I thought would be a lock for the rotation in ‘09 is starting to look like a pitcher who has lost his magic and will have to do some major proving come Spring. Is he just worn out or was he just not the real deal?

Regardless of that, here’s the scoop on last night. Josh Anderson started again in CF and went 1-5. I’m hoping to see him make the best of his chances since at the moment he’s my favorite for the open centerfield spot. Prado is still playing for Kotchman since Casey’s going to miss time beyond his bereavement leave. But as hot as Martin has been lately, he couldn’t get more than 1 hit all night off of Odalis Perez and company. The only multi hit performance of the night was c/o of Brian McCann who’s still carrying this Braves lineup. Norton added the only other siginifacant offensive contribution with a pinch hit homer in the 6th inning.

Bright spot is, Carlyle continues to be strong in relief. He’s only allowed 2 ER’s all month. Yet the newly acquired 37 year old Elmer Dessens, who joins Julian Taveras in the Braves’ Aging Acquired Relievers Club, allowed 2 runs and 2 walks in his first time in a Braves uniform. I sending out guys like Taveras and Dessens is like throwing sand on a burning building, it doesn’t really help but it’s cheap and better than nothing when almost all of your bullpen is in disrepair.

Title Watch

Chipper’s single last night keeps him at .358 and he stays two points ahead of Pujols with 27 games remaining.

Tonight will see two 10 game losers face each other. Jo Jo Reyes (3-10) vs Jason Bergmann (2-10) at 7:10pm in Nationals Park.



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