July 23, 2008

Braves Win Streak Ends at One

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A night after a good looking win, the Braves evil twin showed up again. The twin that can’t win baseball games… or get hits. The twin that is responsible for the dreary season we’re having. That and the twin’s evil injury plaguing cousin are to thank. 

There’s not much to say after a one hit shut out loss in Miami. So in a word… “Bleh!”

The rubber game is tonight but I think I speak for all of us when I say that it is with waning hopes (some have already completely waned) that we tune in tonight to see the Braves take on the Fish in tonight’s decider. 

Tim Hudson will be on the hill and if he can get any decent run support he can get a win. At game time we stand 7 games out of first and I don’t know if we’ll want to get out of bed in the morning if a loss sends us down to 8 games out. Especially if it’s handed to us by the Marlins. (Bleh)

As I said yesterday, let’s just enjoy baseball while we can. Root for a victory and maybe we’ll have something nice to talk about in the morning.

Like another stellar Huddy performance. Til next time…

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    Steve Says:

    Tuesday night’s 1 hit disaster felt like such an intentional message to the fan base. “Calm down about the 1 game winning ‘streak’ and come back to your senses.” Yet, here we go again. A great game tonight. Beautiful pitching by Huddy. Lots of offense. A much needed series win. But can anything good continue in Philly? Will Chipper and Huddy’s injuries be significant? I hope it’s important enough to care by the end of the weekend.

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