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August 13, 2017

Show #379: Talking Braves Farm with Eric Cole from Talking Chop

The promise of the farm system with Eric Cole. Dansby was down and now back. Now What?



August 06, 2017

Show #378: The Future is Now

Sims and Albies debut. Fried called up. Snitker returning?



July 30, 2017

Show 377: Dansby Down; Garcia Gone

Dansby Demoted. Garcia Traded. And a lot of Bad Baseball.



July 23, 2017

Show 376: Checking In with Kevin McAlpin

Mid-season check-in with Kevin McAlpin. What to do with Dansby? Who is gone at the deadline?



July 16, 2017

Show #375: The Second Half Begins

A Great Start to the Second Half. Acuna Rises. Albies’ Uncertain Future. Post-season hope?