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September 22, 2013

Show #242: The Braves Clinch the East

Heyward returns.  The bullpen falters.  The Braves show some fire.



September 15, 2013

Show #241: The Braves Offense Continues to Struggle

Concerns about the offense. Fredi’s handling of the bullpen. And BJ and Uggla in the post season.



September 08, 2013

Show #240: The Braves Offense Disappears

Keys to a deep post season run.  Can the offense beat elite pitching? BJ in the leadoff.  And the post season rotation.



September 03, 2013

Show #239: The Braves Get Back to Lots of Winning

Domination at home continues. Should Uggla keep playing? Who for the 4th starter? And how many wins for this team?



August 25, 2013

Show #238: A Tough Week for the Braves

Heyward and Beachy go down. Medlen gets testy. Elliot Johnson arrives.