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September 29, 2013

Show #243: The Braves Head to the Post Season

What do we know about this team heading to the playoffs? Predictions on the NLDS roster. The Chris Johnson/Terry Pendleton dust up. And predictions for the Dodgers series.



September 22, 2013

Show #242: The Braves Clinch the East

Heyward returns.  The bullpen falters.  The Braves show some fire.



September 15, 2013

Show #241: The Braves Offense Continues to Struggle

Concerns about the offense. Fredi’s handling of the bullpen. And BJ and Uggla in the post season.



September 08, 2013

Show #240: The Braves Offense Disappears

Keys to a deep post season run.  Can the offense beat elite pitching? BJ in the leadoff.  And the post season rotation.



September 03, 2013

Show #239: The Braves Get Back to Lots of Winning

Domination at home continues. Should Uggla keep playing? Who for the 4th starter? And how many wins for this team?