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August 18, 2013

Show #237: The NL East Dominance Continues

The plunkings. Uggla to the DL. BJ to the bench. And the winning continues.



August 11, 2013

Show #236: The Streak Ends, the Great Play Does Not

The streak ends.  Heyward.  Justin.  Uggla.



August 04, 2013

Show #235: A Perfect Week for the Braves

BJ returns.  Beachy returns.  The Braves keep rolling along.



July 28, 2013

Show #234: Great Weekend Follows Awful Hudson Injury

The Cardinal series.  The Hudson injury. And what to do at the deadline?



July 21, 2013

Show #233: A Series Loss for the Braves to Start the Second Half

The Chisox series. What will happen with the starting rotation? The trade deadline. And Mac in 2014.