April 15, 2011

Chipper Reaches Another Milestone

The season hasn’t started out the way many envisioned it, but don’t panic Braves fans—it’s going to get better.  Tommy Hanson seemed to have broken his two-game funk Tuesday against the Marlins, Jair Jurrjens is finally healthy, Dan Uggla barely hits his weight in April (for his career), and Nate McLouth has more hits so far than he did in the first 6 months last year (OK I made that one up).

Seriously though, it’s only been two weeks and there is a lot of baseball left. I almost feel obligated to drive down to Atlanta and spark the team, as I did last year; you’re welcome again by the way.

Chipper Jones has reached two milestone this week—2,500 hits and 1,500 RBIs. He is only the second switch hitter to reach this feat; with Eddie Murray being the other. Chipper ranks 3rd in HR and RBI by a switch hitter. He only needs 9 RBI to pass Mickey Mantle on the list (however he trails Mantle by 68 barrels of bourbon—it doesn’t look like he will reach that milestone).

I have said this before and I will say it again, Chipper is a Hall of Famer. He is a switch hitter, far above average fielder, former MVP, has a World Series Ring, 6-time All-Star, and has the offensive numbers to back it up.

After the Braves drop 2 of three to the Marlins, they gear up for the New York Mets. This could be just what the Dr. ordered for the Braves. The Mets are a mess and will only get worse. The Braves have to beat up on teams like the Nats and Mets if they want a chance at the NL East (we know the Phillies are going to).

Jair Jurrjens will make his season debut Saturday against Mike “Big Pelf” Pelfrey, who has been absolutely dreadful so far this season. The door is open for the Braves to make up some ground. Also, the faster the Mets pile up the losses, the faster Jose Reyes will be traded; hopefully to the American League.


And now…Random thoughts:

I never thought anyone could wear their hat brim any flatter than Kris Medlen—then I saw George Sherrill.

I’m 98.5% positive Nate McLouth and Lance Bass go to the same hair salon.

With the Mets coming into town, it makes me wonder if Carlos Beltran has to book an extra seat on the plane for his enormous mole.

Dan Uggla’s forearms are probably thicker than my neck.

Several MLB players (including Chris Coughlin) have lines shaved into the side of their head—I guess Vanilla Ice is finally cool.

Scott Linebrink’s goatee is a totally different color than the hair on his head. It kind of creeps me out.


Obscure Brave of the week: Brian Hunter.

Hunter was drafted in the 8th round of the 1987 Amateur Draft by the Braves and played first base and outfield (mostly as a backup) 1991-93 and again from 1999-2000. Oddly, Hunter batted right-handed, but threw with his left; normally it’s the other way around.

In the first spring training game I ever attended, Hunter ended the game on a grand slam. After the game I got his autograph—he was wearing the ugliest Tommy Hilfiger shirt I’ve ever seen. This, along with his home run in Game 7 of the 1991 NLCS is my favorite memory of Hunter. He also had a pretty sweet ‘stache…

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