May 13, 2011

Don’t Trade D-Lowe (For Now)

The guys spoke about it on this week’s podcast, but I really need to weigh in about the Derek Lowe trade rumors; Mr. Wren, don’t trade D-Lowe! I know he is overpaid, but he has put in 31 wins the last two seasons and I can’t see any reason he won’t flirt with 15 again in 2011. The Braves are stocked with young starting pitching—Minor and Teheran who could come up and pitch now and Vizcaino, Delgado, Oberholtzer and more who still need a couple years to develop. This is a position of strength for the Braves (probably the deepest position they have) but I don’t think trading Lowe for the stretch run is the answer.

At the end of last season Minor had to be shut down due to fatigue; he threw more innings than he has in his career, and probably will do the same again this year. I have no reason to believe he won’t feel some sort of fatigue again at the end of this season.  If he pitches the entire season in AAA Gwinnett, Teheran will be in the same place Minor was last year; tired in September. Why would you trade Lowe and replace him with two guys that are going to need rest? It makes no sense. Plus, it’s fun to pretend he is Owen Wilson!

There are always going to be trade rumors; it’s one of the most fun things about baseball talk. Who’s on the trading block…are the Braves going to get a right-hander to replace Moylan… I get it, but I don’t think the Braves should, nor will trade Derek Lowe at any point this season. Now, during the off-season, that is a whole different animal.

Going into next season (assuming no one is traded) the Braves will have Lowe, Jurrjens, Hanson, Beachy, Minor, Teheran, Medlen (back from TJ) and Hudson—who has $9 Million club options the next two seasons. That’s 8 starting pitchers for five spots. Maybe Medlen will be moved back into the bullpen, but do the math; there isn’t enough room for 7-8 starting pitchers. Someone will be gone; maybe that is the time to trade Lowe.


The Sony Playstation Network is still down and probably will be for the month. On top of that MLB Network is down on Time Warner cable. BUT, the Braves are doing well. Actually I found this thing called a Roku player (I had no idea it existed) which streams video in HD to your television. I don’t want to talk too soon, but I think I can finally get back to watching the Braves on my TV. You don’t realize what you have sometimes until it’s taken away from you…I wonder how Hammy watches the games…What service do you have Hammy?

Now that I am back to (somewhat) normalcy in terms of watching games, I am excited for the Civil Rights Weekend games. The Braves will be rocking the old Atlanta Black Crackers uniforms on Saturday and as a tribute to Hank Aaron (breaking Ruth’s HR record) they will wear the 1974 throwbacks on Sunday.

I was at the Civil Rights game in 2009, at Comerica Park in Detroit and it was a really great time. They had a really nice ceremony featuring former Negro League players on the field before the game—and they gave us a Detroit Stars cap as a stadium giveaway!


Obscure Brave of the Week: Pedro Borbon Jr.

Borbon played for the Braves for parts of 4 seasons (92-93 and 95-96) as well as the Toronto Blue Jays, LA Dodgers , St. Louis Cardinals and Houston Astros before his retirement from MLB in 2006.

He was born in Mao, Dominican Republic but grew up in Bronx, NY. His father (Pedro Borbon Sr.) was also a major league player, who is most remembered for his time with the “Big Red Machine” in the 1970’s.

After his retirement, Borbon took a job as a coach with the Cedar Rapids Kernals, a class A affiliate of the LA Angels. He now is a coach in Houston Texas where he makes his residence.

One of my most vivid memories in the 1995 World Series season for the Braves is picturing Pedro Borbon Jr. warming up in the Atlanta bullpen. It seemed like he threw in the ‘pen every game, though he only made it into 41 games. It was a running joke between announcers and my house as well—you knew it was an official game when Borbon started throwing in the bullpen.

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Go Braves!



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