July 22, 2008

Gemini Braves Get an Impressive Road Win

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~JB @ The Launching Pad

I will say this much, the Braves looked none too shabby last night.

Looks like Dr. Jekkyl showed up in place of the evil Mr. Hyde version of the Braves we’ve seen on the field in 2008.  I’m talking about the good version of the team that shows up once in a while and sends out phenomenal starting pitching, gets runs with men in scoring postion, provides a dominant scoreless ninth,  and saw only two of the eight position players go hitless for the night (Johnson and Lillibridge).

So the Gemini Braves will send Morton to the hill and hope the good twin is the one that comes to Miami to play. I will say I’m still unimpressed with the Braves after the lackluster weekend they had before the Florida trip but I’ve officially placed the Braves in my “Mike Hampton and Social Security” category. That is to say, I certainly hope for success every time they take the field and will watch every game waiting for a miracle… but until they grow a “Brave” heart, I’m not going to let myself be disappointed because of high expectations. Plus, I have an IRA and I’m not expecting much of a Social Security check at retirement. Nor do I expect Mike Hampton to ever pitch again…ever.

Heck I know we’re all a little down but these Braves keep toying with my emotions. That darn Jorge throws a two hit shut out and I nearly get giddy. Oh, my foolish heart. I’m just going to enjoy the baseball while I can. Yes, I say that with a bit of resignation but it’s also with positivity. It’s summer! It’s baseball time! Win or lose this is my favorite time of the year. “Gather ye rosebuds while ye may!”

And with that bit of charm and literary allusion I say…

Let’s get a win in Miami tonight!



3 Responses to “Gemini Braves Get an Impressive Road Win”

  1. 1
    Steve Says:

    It is really amazing how one or two victories can turn my level of optimism. Think back to the two wins against the Angels, the two in San Diego, the 17 inning game against the Astros and, again, last night – they were all going to be the turn around. So, let me echo your sentiments – let’s get a win in Miami tonight! I can’t imagine how good I’ll feel tomorrow morning …

  2. 2
    Steve Says:

    Wait a minute. It’s the morning and I don’t feel good at all …

  3. 3
    Bayshawn Says:

    Obviously they didn’t review the iPad app since it was just udeatpd yesterday and has plenty of new features. And what’s with the fetish for a widget? Does Ttat makes the Android app good better even though it’s missing the most important feature live streaming video?

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