August 14, 2008

Glavine Returns

On the Field with JB
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I’m heading to the game here shortly. Gonna stop at the Varsity and things no health conscious person should consume, grab my scorecard, and try to enjoy the game. 

It might be hard considering that the Braves are not off to a good start in this series and the Cubbie faithful sure do like to turn up at Turner. I’m going to go to my place of Zen and enjoy the game regardless and not let all the many distractions take away from the pure baseball experience I seek each time I visit the Ted. 

Although some may argue the Cow detracts from this “pure” experience. I argue that the huge HD screen and all the games does that. 

In short the Braves have been outscored 18-2 in yesterday affairs. One of those atrocious day/night double headers (don’t get started JB… go to your Zen place). 

But if Glavine is sharp, maybe he can silence those Cub hitters and we can get a win. More importantly we need hits and 2 runs in two games makes us look much different than the team the managed three wins against the Snakes last week. Then again, this team has suffered from an identity crisis in addition to it’s injured player list. 

I’ll see you at the Ted and let you know how the game goes. 

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Thanks, Braves fans and Keep Choppin’!!



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