September 26, 2011

Gone With the Win(d)

I know…I know.  I’ve been watching these Braves in September just like you have.  I’m pissed too.  But I’ve decided to change KARMA!  This is NOT an angry blog.  I am not a very handsome, intelligent angry blogger (well, the handsome and intelligent part IS true, just not the angry part)!  The Atlanta Braves are a great and proud franchise over the last 20 years and dammit…we’re going to be proud of it.  I don’t care what the So-Called National Experts (SNE) say.  The Braves aren’t some crummy, jerk-water club.  They are not the step child of the mega-snobs in the Northeast.  The Braves are one of the BEST clubs in baseball and THE best in the NL East.  Not to mention, they are the 3rd most popular MLB team behind the Yankees and Red Sox and that’s a FACT based on multiple fan surveys.

So let’s look at these so-called under achieving Atlanta Braves.  We won’t go back 20 years to 1991.  That’s when the Braves began taking shape as an organization dedicated to competing for a title every year.  We’ll only go back to 1994; the first year of the current NL East (not really, since because of the strike, of 1994 nobody won jack, and 1995 is actually the first year of titles).  This also allows us to compare apples to apples by viewing the NL East in its current form of the Phillies, Nationals (Expos), Marlins, Mets and Braves which began in 1994.  Let’s look at the numbers of NL East Titles.

NL East Titles since 1994

Washington Nationals/ Montreal Expos – 0

Florida Marlins – 0

New York Mets – 1 (2006)

Philadelphia Phillies – 5 (2007-2011)

Atlanta Braves – 11 (1995-2005)

Now let’s check Wildcard titles.

NL Wildcard Titles since 1994

Nats/Expos – 0

Marlins – 2 (1997, 2003)

Mets – 2 (1999, 2000)

Phillies – 0

Braves – 2 (2010 and PLEASE 2011)

Now, how about National League pennants?

NL Pennants since 1994

Nats/Expos – 0

Marlins – 2 (1997, 2003)

Mets – 1 (2000)

Phillies – 2 (2008, 2009)

Braves – 3 (1995, 1996, 1999)

And now, what matter most to all the SNE and other detractors of the hometown Atlanta Braves…World Series Titles.

WS Titles since 1994

Nats/Expos – 0

Marlins – 2 (1997, 2003)

Mets – 0

Phillies – 1 (2008)

Braves – 1 (1995)

First let me say this is pretty impressive.  For a division (in a league of 6 divisions) to produce 4 WS Champions in the last 17 years is not too shabby.  Considering the press of the Northeast would have you believe no real baseball is played south or west of the Philly train station.  Secondly, if you’re JUST looking at titles, the Marlins are the best of the NL East.  Florida has the same number of WS Championships as Boston and MORE than Philly in the last 30 years.

Ok, now let’s really get dirty.  We’ll give 1 point for WC Winners, 2 points for division titles, 3 points for NL titles and 4 points for WS titles.  Here’s how the NL East ranks:

5.  Washington/Montreal = 0 pts

4.  New York = 7 pts

3.  Florida = 16 pts

3. Phillies = 20 pts

1.  Atlanta = 34 pts

Wow!  For an underachieving, sorry, no good, crummy team like the Braves and a city with horrible, stupid, back water, non-savvy fans…this doesn’t look too bad.  I know what some would say.  Yes, they COULD have won more.  The Braves SHOULD have won more.  But what’s funny to me is how negative it ALWAYS is toward the Braves with their success.  The Buffalo Bills went to 4 straight Super Bowls and lost ALL of them.  But Jim Kelly and crew are celebrated nationally.  The Philadelphia Eagles went to 4 straight NFC Championship games and lost 3.  And they lost the Super Bowl the one time they did manage to win the NFC.  And they aren’t killed as an organization.  The city and press just decided to pin all the short comings on consummate good guy Donavan McNabb and ship his tail out of the city for Mike Vick.  That tells you all you need to know about that place.  City of Brotherly Love….whatever.

I think the attitude about the Braves is a systemic problem that all non-Southerners have about us (especially people from the Northeast).  They can’t grasp that we didn’t have the Braves (or ANY team) in 1918 like Chicago, New York, Boston and Philly did.  We don’t have generations of fans yet like they do.  We didn’t have a winning tradition for decades like they did.  But yet Atlanta can boast more success than some of them over the last 20 years.  But Braves fans and its organization fight the perception that all Southerners do in life.  That our achievements are just luck.  That we’re too stupid and unsophisticated to have achieved on our own.  That only with the help of the ultra refined, highly educated Carpetbagger can anything in the South be successful.  Yes, we Yankee Carpetbaggers will marry the South’s pretty women and live in its awesome weather, educated our kids in its schools and eat all its awesome food…but you Huckleberries are still pretty dumb.  Just shut up and let us win at baseball.  What do “youz guys” know about baseball?

So I say all that to say this.  The Braves may end up losing this year.  We may not even make the playoffs.  But be PROUD Atlanta Braves nation!  We have a team that competes EVERY year.  Ignore what everyone else says…GO BRAVES!!!

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    ham Says:

    Vinnie – any chance you could be our starting pitcher tomorrow night? We need you!

  2. 2
    Vinnie Says:

    Ham…I’m stretching myself out to go six tomorrow. As in “drink a six pack if the Braves lose”.

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