July 29, 2008

I Before E, Except After Trading Teixeira

Before we get to this year’s trade, do you all remember when we got Tex last year and he arrived in the Atlanta dugout in about the 7th inning and they showed him on the big screen and the place went absolutely beserk? I was watching that game on TV and got goose bumps. We had just made THE move of the trade deadline and it was going to push us into the post season. Those were heady times. And they seem like a LOOOOONG time ago.

Anyway… After the travesty that was the final two games of the Phillies series this weekend and the added bonus of Hudson to the DL with potential TJ surgery – this had to happen. Though it came a day earlier than I expected, frankly. One of our faithful listeners, Jon, sent in a question tonight asking what we thought about this Texy for Kotchman and Marek trade. And while it’s all still very fresh, here are some initial thoughts:

> Thank goodness we traded Teixeira and got something for him. I started getting nervous this past week with all the talk about the contenders not needing a 1st baseman and that the Boras factor was scaring teams away. If we still had Tex come Thursday night I’d have been livid.

> Kotchman looks pretty damn good. We weren’t going to get Loney or Jackson and Kotchman was the next best thing. He’s cheap (1.5 mil). We have him until 2011. He’s young. He’s cheap. He hits lefties. He was referred to as the MVP of this year’s Angels team. He’s cheap. And I’ll take an above average defensive 1st basemen who’s going to hit .290+ and 20+ home runs any day over a prospect.

> And who knows about Marek. He’s supposed to be a flame thrower. He has a curve ball. And he began his minor league career as a starter and has recently been converting to a reliever. So maybe he gives us some versatility. Maybe he doesn’t. Who cares about Marek, really? I don’t.

We needed to get rid of Tex and get something of significance in return and Kotchman fits that bill.

Now let’s see what we can get for Ohman and Kotsay (and Frenchy – oh please, oh please, oh please!).



5 Responses to “I Before E, Except After Trading Teixeira”

  1. 1
    hammy Says:

    Steve – Totally agree. THANK GOD we got something for him. I would have been happy with a bag of balls and the rights to No-No Nanette at this point, and I agree considering all of the red flags around Texy’s potential contract (they’re saying 10 years for $230 mil is Boras initial asking price – no thank you and uh, whatever) as well as the lack of need for a first baseman by the contenders, I too was getting nervous.

    I like that we got a starting 1B and a pretty good, young, and cheap one at that. He won’t be a Texiera, but I think there is a pretty good ceiling for him. I am lukewarm on Marek, but apparently he has a pretty high K per innings pitched ratio, which could make for a good middle reliever/setup guy. Again, I would have been happy with Kotchman and some pine tar.

    Let’s hope they stay healthy; it is a dicey proposition being a Brave these days. When Hampton is considered one of your healthier starters, you know things are not good.

    And yes, let’s sell the farm. Ohman, Kotsay, Frenchy, Kelly, Bobby, etc. – I say let’s stay busy over the next few days and clean house.

  2. 2
    Scott Says:

    I feel like such a tramp. As soon as I read about the trade I felt that all was well with the world again. It’s only Wednesday so we can still make some interesting things happen. JB, I don’t know what to say about the “dressing the cow as a nazi” thing–we had been discussing the cow’s lack of an elbow and things disintegrated from there; I am actually growing fond of the cow as a replacement for the long retired “Noc-a-homa.”

  3. 3
    Justin (mrdink) Says:

    At first I wanted to keep Tex but deep down I knew we had to get rid of him. I’m happy now that we have because I think this starts our rebuilding process.

    Did anyone hear Frank Wren last night about how they know Frenchy is going through a slump but he knows he’ll bounce back? I think this is an indication that they’re not really looking to trade him. I hate seeing him swing at 4 pitches after 3 batters walk before him just like everyone else but I do believe he will bounce back. I even think that he might start to do a little better with Tex gone. Maybe he will step it up a little bit knowing that we need that extra bat in the lineup now. He did a pretty good job last night. I was impressed with his at bat when Kelly was on 1st and he worked the count to 3-2, fouled a few off and when they put on the hit and run he guarded the plate and got Kelly to 2nd.

    All in all I think I’m out of playoffs hopes but as a Braves fan I’ll still have that optimism in the back of my head. I’m just happy for this rebuilding process.

  4. 4
    Curt Says:

    I think the key to the whole trade is where do the Braves go from here. Good for them for admitting that they were out of it. I know that that is a big step for this organization, and frankly, until Chipper and Hudson went on the DL, there were still illusions (delusions) of making a Quixotic run at the NL East. Let’s not forget that despite a communal feeling of completely buying into the trade last year, the Braves were at or below .500 with Tex in the lineup. He hit a lot of two-run homers when the Braves were losing games by 8. A Rod lite? So what now?

    The Braves save themselves $20 million or so a season on Tex. (I was shocked to see that they had even made an offer to him that would have made him one of the highest paid players in the league). We could see Glavine and Smoltz potentially finished with their careers. Hampton is a free agent. Ohman, if he isn’t traded, is a free agent. Kotsay I believe is too. That’s a lot of money that will be freed up for payroll. And a lot of holes to fill. Liberty claims that they are going to spend the money necessary to field a winner and it is time they prove it. The Braves are going to have to make a move or 10 this off season to get this team back to a championship level. Rookies and retreads don’t win pennants. Addition by subtraction also will not work. They need to go out and sign some legitimate big leaguers to fill out the roster. If Jurrgens, Reyes, and Morton are three-fifths of your opening day rotation next year, you aren’t taking the business of baseball very seriously. Spend the money and they will come.

  5. 5
    Steve Says:

    The Frenchy thing: I read that last night as well and was struck by it and then I wasn’t. Wren’s comment about Frenchy came after he had called out others (Yuni, McCann, Kotchman, KJ and Chipper) that the team was going to build around for next year. And then he mentioned Frenchy. All I’m saying is that it’s hard to know what it means b/c Wren knows that if he doesn’t mention Frenchy in that situation, it would open a firestorm of speculation. And Curt – I totally agree with you. The Tex thing was the easy part. Now it’s time to figure out how to build this team for next year. Hopefully we’ll do some of that over the next two days with some more fire sale action. But alot will also happen in the off-season. We need a freakin’ #1 starter! I don’t think we going to see Huddy next year. But how does this look for next year: Sheets, JJ, Campillo, Hampton/Glavine, Morton/Jo Jo. Not bad in my opinion. And what about CF? Shafer has not looked good since his return from the HGH suspension (insert speculation here). It’s time to both him and Josh Anderson up here to see what CF is all about for ’09.

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