July 19, 2008

Hudson Gets the Elusive Number 10

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This team confuses me.

Huddy pitches phenomenally in Chicago, Los Angeles, and fairly well in Cincinnati and finds wins hard to come by. Lack of run support has been Hudson’s story all year. Then he gives up 5 runs in 6.2 innings, obviously not his best, and gets a win! Hmph!

Are the bats finally coming to life to allow Hudson some breathing room when he takes the mound? A seven run evening is great but with the exception of the Nationals and two series with the Giants, the road ahead in the next month will make many more 7 run nights hard to come by.

McCann shows no signs of slowing after coming off his attendance at the 15 inning let-down of an All Star game in New York. Knocking in the 3 runs to break open a tie in the third, McCann makes a further case for why he, not Russell Martin or Geovany Soto, should’ve gotten a majority of the at bats in Yankee Stadium rather than NONE!!!

Let’s all boo Clint Hurdle when the Rockies come to town next, shall we?

Moving right along…

Lilliibridge is my eye catching story of the past week. He’s beginning to stir up some vibrant life in a lineup that has experienced many a doldrum this year. He’s also making it hard for me to miss Yunel right now (and I do). He’s swinging a mighty hot bat and if the trade rumors surrounding Brent come to truth before July 31st, he’s been making a good case for himself as trade bait. Another two hit night last night including a pair of RBI’s are making an impression. He’s hit a double in his last three games and added his first career homer into that mix. Not to mention the mere fact that the aforementioned three games have been multi-hit affairs. If he keeps up this pace it would be a shame to see him go but unless he converts to second, and granted that the Braves give up on Kelly, this guy will not be wearing a Braves uniform very long. He doesn’t have the makings of a utility guy (which would be his only use in Atlanta in the foreseeable future) and he’s starting to show the real promise that he has. Yunel’s injury is a disappointing one but in a funny twist of fate, it gives the Braves a perfect chance to showcase Brent for the month of July and possibly include him in a good midseason pickup. Could this be a silver lining?

I’m gonna wrap up with a quick look at Mike Gonzalez. He had a little bit of a rough night and it comes off the heals of giving up a late inning run in San Diego last week. Should we be worried? It’s only his fourth run since coming back after he’s allowed 2 of them after 7 consecutive scoreless appearances. Plus, he did manage his fourth save last night.

But the disconcerting fact is… he had runners on 1st and 3rd in the ninth in the midst of a one run game.

After Dan Kolb (I can’t say that name without nausea), Chris Reitsma and even Manny Acosta, any rough late inning relief unsettles me just a bit. It’s too early to make a judgement on where Gonzo’s season will go from here but lets just say JB’s eyebrows are raised. He’s a great pitcher but unlike Billy Wagner, Brad Lidge or even John Smoltz, he’s still a relatively unproved closer. Granted he’s been good, but I’m wondering if he’s beginning to wear out a little. Mike didn’t even get one K last night and to me strikeouts are the mark of an effective saves guy.

So the Braves start of the second half with a win over DC. They made it much closer than I would’ve cared for but a win is a win and sweep would be divine.

Frenchy Watch

A hitless 0-3 night makes Jeff 5-24 since being called up to the Majors. I’m starting to wonder if Mississippi paid off as much as Wren thinks it did. Actually there was never a question my mind. This is all just plain bizarre.

Oh yeah, and Hampton is hurt again. So whoever had their money on groin injury wins the office pool.

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