July 21, 2008

I Don’t Want To Talk About It…But I Will

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~JB @ The Launching Pad

I was there. Yep. I sweated, got a little sunburnt, drank a Sam Adams draft to cheer me up a little. But all the beer in the world couldn’t halt the inevitable or ease the pain as I then watched the Washington “Worst Team in Baseball” Nationals hand the Braves a 15-6 pummeling. It not only gave them the series win but effectively dashed many a Braves fan’s hopes for a postseason return.

It isn’t that we are now so far gone from contention that we’re on the brink of mathematical elimination. This weekend series loss was a moral decemation. Compounded with the Phillies’ sweeps at home and the demoralizing losses we’ve had this year, I think any Braves fan with a brain in his or her head can see the writing on the wall.

We have talent. I also believe we have the ability to win ball games (as evidenced by a four game sweep of the Mets earlier this year) but we lack mojo, fight, “umph” if you will. Making a big time trade or bringing in some much needed help doesn’t seem to be the Braves magic ticket to cash in and make a run for this. It’s going to take a lot more and I’m just not sure that we’ve got it this year.

There’s always hope to cling to and the Braves could totally surprise us at the end but unless something dramtic changes from within… it would be a complete shock.

I don’t think this team is headed in the right direction and maybe I held out a little longer than other nay sayers before reaching this conclusion. But hear me correctly, I’m not saying “nay” and I’m not going to stop rooting for my Beloved Bravos. But I think this season is heading into salvage mode and we just have to make the best of it that we can.

Keep Choppin’ my friends.



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    love the game recaps. house of braves talk made a great choice.

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