June 09, 2010

I’m a TV Snob

I just have to get this out there—Verizon Fios sucks. I hate it. Now, I know this may sound a bit snobbish, but since I can’t get MLB Extra Innings on DirecTV in my new place, I have to watch through Fios. I’ve gotten to watch every Braves game…so for that I am thankful , but since I have moved, I can’t get many games in HD (again I sound like a snob) and worse yet, I can’t always choose what TV feed I get.

That said; I have had to deal with some BRUTAL commentators when my only choice was to watch the “other” team’s TV feed—specifically Pittsburgh, St. Louis and worst of all Florida. My fiancé took my belt and shoelaces during the Marlins series. BRUTAL!

This isn’t always bad though, like this past weekend when I had to watch 3 of 4 games on the Dodgers broadcast. This time I got to listen to one of the best announcers (contrary to a certain fiancé’s opinion) of all time, Vin Scully.

Scully has been with the Dodgers (Brooklyn and LA) since 1950 and hasn’t lost anything. He does the games solo, which I can’t imagine many (if any) of today’s broadcaster’s being able to pull off so effortlessly. There are no awkward silences or time filling debates about which fan has the funniest hat; just baseball—vintage baseball.

Scully hasn’t changed his style in the 61 seasons of announcing and I am so glad he hasn’t. Listening to Scully call a game will tell you everything you need to know about the players and the game of baseball while not boring you with meaningless stats like a batter’s AVG against left-handed pitchers on a grass surface at night with 2 outs in the 7th inning and so on…Just pure baseball!

If you have never listened to one of these games, I suggest you do so at least once. It will transport you back to the days when everyone would gather around the radio listening to the afternoon’s game…really listening to it…it was the highlight of the day. And if you are ever in a situation where you have to watch a game on FSMarlins…well, do yourself a favor and jam a screwdriver in your ear—it will be less painful then hearing  their broadcast.


The Braves went into the 2010 Draft looking for quality bats to add to their minor league depth and after watching on my PC the last few days, it looks like they have succeeded. They began by drafting SS Matthew Lipka in the supplemental 1st Round (35th overall) —a pick they got for the Orioles signing Mike Gonzalez. Lipka will likely be moved to 3B, like his idol Chipper Jones, and will join 3 other third basemen drafted by the Braves with their first 10 picks; 7 of their first 10 were hitters.

In the 4th Round (134th overall) the Braves selected RPH David Filak out of SUNY Oneonta. This may be of no interest to anyone else, but Filak is from my neck of the woods and from a school I am very familiar with…I have seen SUNY Oneonta play my hometown SUNY New Paltz many times as one of my best friends played on the (New Paltz) team. Filak led all of Division III in strikeouts per 9IP (14.86) and fewest hits per 9IP (5.07). At 6’4” 220lbs, Filak has a good fastball (92-94MPH) and a nasty Knuckle-Curve. It would be exciting to see a kid from the “sticks” of New York State (like me) play for the Braves.


I cannot be more jacked up about the Braves holding a 2-game lead in the NL East but I think what I am most excited (or should I say relieved) about is the fact these west coast games are over! Maybe I should be going to a Bingo Hall and watching Matlock, but these games are just too late! I haven’t been so tired since I used to have to watch Steve Trachsel pitch! In my college days I wouldn’t start the night until 2am. Now as a working stiff, I am struggling to keep my eyes open when the clock hits 10pm—most times before the late games begin.

Now, I know I could have done the smart thing and recorded the game on DVR, or simply looked at the box score the next day, but not knowing what’s going on would be worse than the fatigue. Luckily, it’s over for the rest of the season, or until October—that’s right!

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Until next time…Go Braves!



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