May 23, 2012

Is Brandon Beachy the Real Deal?

While Mike Minor was busy giving up back-to-back-to-back homeruns on Monday, this was my comforting thought: It’s okay. We’ve got Beachy tomorrow.

He’s been that good. I look forward to Beachy taking the mound more than any of our other starters. Hudson’s been great since coming back, and Hanson has pitched well, but Beachy is becoming a star. Is it too early to say that? In any case, that’s how I feel. I’m too young to remember Glavine’s breakout twenty-win season in ’91, or Maddux’s Cy Young-winning first season in Atlanta, but maybe in ten years Beachy will have one of those fancy trophies on his mantle, even (dare I say it?) a gaudy ring on his finger, and I can remember watching him become a star way back in 2012. Maybe. Just maybe. The possibility is so exciting,

Coming into last night’s game, Beachy led the team in ERA, WHIP, and wins. In fact, he led MLB starters in ERA. Then, of course, he nearly gave us an encore of Minor’s performance, allowed four runs, all on homers, and took the loss. At least two of the homers were by @DatDudeBP and none of them by a pitcher, but still, it was a pretty disappointing outing. Dropping two in a row to the Reds hurts even more considering how good we’ve been this year at bouncing back from loses. Plus, it’s the Reds, the 24th team in runs scored this season.

So seeing Beachy get a little knocked around upset me, but let’s not lose sight of the big picture. It’s one game, just his second loss, and the first time he’s given up three homeruns in a game in his career. Brandon Phillips had a great night, and playing in, as some Twitter folks refer to it, “Coors Field Jr” didn’t help us. Latos had his best stuff and we still only lost by a run. That game was a just a small speed bump in Beachy’s career and Atlanta’s season. It can serve as a learning experience. I was also very impressed by Beachy’s attitude on the mound. I haven’t seen him pitching from behind much this season, and last night he did it and kept his composure, lasted seven innings and only gave up a total of six hits, one walk. So far this season, holding the opposition to four runs is enough to get us the win.

The Braves roster is absolutely pulsing with potential, on both the offensive and defensive sides. Naturally, some of the players with lots of potential will never live up to the hype. Some of them will flounder for their entire careers, and that’s too bad, but it’s just the nature of the game. To me, Beachy seems like the kind of guy who can reach his potential, partly because there has never been an incredible amount of hype around him. Heck, he wasn’t even drafted.

And if it’s not Beachy, it could be Delgado. And if it’s not Delgado it could be Teheran. And if it’s not Teheran, it could be (gulp) Minor. My point is that it’s a good time to be a Braves fan. Enjoy it.

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One Response to “Is Brandon Beachy the Real Deal?”

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    Shaun Says:

    Beachy is a fly-ball pitcher and was pitching in a homer-friendly park. Plus the Reds are a better offense than what they’ve shown so far. I’d be shocked if they finished 24th in runs scored. Plus it was one game.

    Beachy’s fly-ball tendencies will probably keep him from being something close to a true ace or number one (in scouting terms, not necessarily in terms of whether he’ll get a lot of Opening Day starts). But I wouldn’t read to much into his start against the Reds. I still think he’s at least a upper-echelon number three or possibly a number two.

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