July 28, 2008

Is It Monday Already?

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Guys, I’m sorry I didn’t get a post up yesterday. It was Sunday but I actually had a lot going on.

I’m going to blame my missed post on two things.

  • I was mired in a dark, deep state of depression from whence I would dare not be aroused to comment on the last two contests.
  • Those two games SUCKED!!

But here we are.

And unless you’re even more rosy goggled than I try to be or a complete idiot you realize as many of us have, this season has taken a turn to undeniably lost. You’d better go ahead and make plans to watch October baseball from a cozy couch and not a hard plastic seat at the Ted cuz it ain’t happenin’.

Yes, you can say we’re only 7.5 out and that’s not the utter pits but it’s beyond standings numbers at this point. Here are the numbers that really make this one completely out of reach.

  1. Bye bye, Tex. As the HOBT guys said on the podcast this week, he didn’t help us make a run for it last year and he won’t this year. He’s a great player and I really have nothing but good things to say about Teixeira but he’s too expensive and on his way out this week. In an ideal world we could sign him and keep him. Yet, at this stage I’m guessing the Braves will slap a stop gap (Omar maybe?) at first, get some promising rookies for next season and save some dollars.
  2. Hampton returns but to what? Mike Hampton’s start was only impressive (and don’t hate me for saying this) because he didn’t hurt himself. He’s not the same pitcher and I don’t think he’s going to be. So it’s nice to have him back but it’s not going to get us back in it.
  3. Chipper in, Chipper out. There’s no telling which week the hammy is gonna pull and it’s not only diminishing our chances for production at the plate but also for Chipper’s MVP season to come to a dramatic finale.
  4. Injuries. McCann may very well play again this week but his is another case in point of the absolute miserable luck we’ve had. Glavine, Smoltz, Diaz, Kotsay, Prado (Ordap), Chipper, Yunel. The list goes on.
  5. As for the nail in the coffin… no hammer. What does it in for this season is our lack of ability to win games that count. Moral victories (though they may not count in the standings) mean a lot in baseball. And when you have the moral poundings we do on this year’s resumé, you’re looking at a team with it’s backs on the ropes, grasping for the towel to toss in. The series loss to the Nats to kick off the second half and this weekend’s blown leads two days in a row show what I’ve suspected all along. This team lacks a hammer to nail down games when needed.

Call me pessimistic if you will but understand that all I say about this years version of the Braves is said with love. I hope we can just win ballgames and maybe just finish with our heads held high.  We celebrate our small victories while we can and get ready for next year… maybe it won’t be so bad.

And think about this. There’s always been something cooking up there in GM land that gives us a renewed excitment about the year’s coming roster. Maybe we won’t see it this summer but before April 2009 there may be an addition to be had that we can rally behind once more. I’m thinking the next Tim Hudson, Gary Sheffield, or Greg Maddux pickup.

Who knows?

Keep Choppin’



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    Steve Says:

    Heard Buster Olney last night say that Wren has openly put the for sale sign out front of the stadium regarding Teixeira. I’m excited about the Chad Tracy era!

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