July 26, 2008

Is That a Faint Heartbeat I Hear?

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JB @ The Launching Pad

Just when I’m on the brink of absolute depression my Braves go and do something like they did last night. 

The Phillies have had us in a headlock all year and then we go visit them on the road… and we have not been road warriors this year. So I’ll admit, I was cringing all the way through the 1-0 lead the Braves had going into the ninth inning. 

And then something happened.

When the bases got loaded, the cows came home. When they stayed loaded, McCann drilled a homer that made me, if only momentarily, forget about every bad game, every bit of bad luck, and look to the heavens and thank God that not only am I a Braves fan but I’ve got Brian McCann for at least five more years. We rallied 7 must-have runs in the ninth after Norton got it started with a lead off double.  Oh, and Frenchy had two hits for the evening.

Jurrjens. Unbelievable. 8 innings, no runs, 6 K’s, and only 1 BB. He dominated the Phillies like ancient Macedonia. 

It was another feast for the feast or famine lineup but it’s almost enough to make me believe in miracles again. But man oh man, it’s going to take a heck of a Miracle. 

First of all it will take what I’m dubbing Collapse Version 2.8 from our friends in Flushing. And we’ll have to see the Phillies and Fish both play some awful ball from here on out. On top of that, the Braves will need to play ball above .680 to finish the year. 

In an ironic twist of fate, Hampton goes to the hill on the heels of a great win while the Phillies are starting to stumble. If a miracle is about to occur, it would be kind of funny if our most hard luck pitcher gets a win in his first 2008 appearance. 

What do you think?

It’s too soon to really say “we’re back” but a win like this proceeding the series win over the Marlins are some promising signs of life. If Hampton can just pitch 6 innings today we may have something to feel good about. I’m still holding my breath with Hampton but whatever we do get from him would be nice. Hamels has had our number all year so a win today may be tough to come by but… well game time is at 3:55pm. Here’s to a Braves win and…

Keep Choppin’!




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