July 20, 2008

I’ve Officially Lost Hope

Today did me in.  As insane and depressing and unthinkable as things have been this season, I have remained optimistic.  Guys stepped up in the starting rotation to cushion the blow of Smoltz, Glavine, and Soriano.  Chipper was the best player in baseball for much of the 1st half.  The Mets were worse than we were (for a while) and the Phillies haven’t (and still seem unable to) run away with it.  And there were always small turn-arounds in the form of mini-streaks to keep me believing.  But this Nationals series has sent me over the edge.  The Nationals?!?!? I honestly don’t think we have it in us.  I hold out a tiny glimmer of hope that some miracle will occur in south Florida and Philly this week – but it based on nothing but the 10 year old baseball fan inside of me who always thinks my team will win.

It’s time to say goodbye to Teixeira.  It’s time to blow up the outfield.  And it’s time to start showing Bobby the door.



3 Responses to “I’ve Officially Lost Hope”

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    USAFCCF Says:

    Fini, unless there is a miracle start planning for next year. I wnat to see how the team plays now, will they fold ( I doubt it) or play hard. Tex should be dealt providing we can get some good youg players in return. No matter what anybody says Bobby Cox should be able to go out on his terms…..

  2. 2
    Steve Says:

    I hear you on the Bobby should go out on his own terms thing – which is why he needs to sit down with all the brass and work out an exit strategy and let this team start moving on with its next chapter. Do you want Bobby around in ’09? The stability has been amazing and the lack of ridiculous drama like they had in the Mets clubhouse this year is a gift – but we’re going on year 3 here of no post-season. This isn’t working.

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    hammy Says:

    I too have lost a lot (if not all) hope here. I agree that Bobby should not just be fired due to all that he has done for us, but Bobby’s success came with much better teams. We need a complete reset. Blow up the outfield, reinvent the starting rotation (considering Smoltz and Glavine’s imminent departures), and start over with management. We need a new hitting coach, and we need a new skipper. Hate to say all of that, but we are not going to improve with more of the same ole, same ole.

    I like the idea of Youkilis for Texiera, but the Sox will want something more. Hope we can make it work.

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