August 28, 2008

Johnson Baffles Braves

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Despite a fairly decent outing from Mike Hampton last night going 8 innings, 3 ER, and 5 K’s, Hampton got “L” #2 rather than “W” #3. 

The offense, which included Blanco in CF and Brandon Jones in LF since the latest Mark left town, couldn’t get it together against Josh Johnson. Johnson’s complete game 1 run, 4 hit gem of a performance stymied the Braves offense and kept Florida’s slim playoff chances sputtering as the Mets and Phils battle it out. 

Hampton’s outing was decent enough and the length of his appearance was encouraging to Hampton sympathizers but the Braves offense was completely baffled by Johnson. Apart from a Kelly Johnson triple and an RBI by Prado (who’s been a whole lot better than Kotchman lately) the lineup couldn’t muster any more extra base hits.

Chipper’s chase for the batting title didn’t make much of a stride as he went 1-4 and finished the night at .356 leaving him a point behind Pujols this morning. 

That will leave us with a rubber game tonight at 7pm before the Braves go to the Capital to take on the Nats again.

Charlie Morton (3-8) is on the hill for the Braves to face Hannibal Sanchez (2-2) tonight at the Ted. 



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