August 16, 2011

Music to My Ears

I’m sad.  After Freddie Freeman’s big 9th inning hit and the Braves coming back to win against San Francisco, I assumed I’d be happy.  Atlanta is currently 20 games over .500, lead the Wild Card by 5 games and stole a game from a team chasing them for a playoff spot.  But according to ESPN and other national outlets, the Giants are playing the Phillies in the NLCS.  The Braves aren’t mentioned as contenders.  But such is life.  Atlanta has great weather, women, food, work and all the Varsity Frosted Orange you can drink.  So let Philadelphia have all the cheese steak and jean shorts money can buy. And let San Francisco have…ok, San Fran is awesome!  But you know what I mean.  I’ll be mailing eggs to all national baseball writers.  They can put it in their shoe and beat it.  Braves in 6, jerks.

Anywho, I felt like it was time to revisits theme/walk-up songs.  Some players are doing just fine with their songs.  Brian McCann has one that everybody stands up and does this little gesture with their hands.  It’s kinda fun.  But it seems to only be people under 25 or so.  If I get up too quick, I’d pull my back out.  So I’ll let them have their fun.  Some, however, need a bit of tweaking.  So here goes a Dog Days of Summer edition of possible walk up songs!

Martin Prado – Wait by White Lion

Dude!  WAIT!  You don’t have to swing at every first pitch.  Did Francoeur take over for Larry Parrish as hitting coach?  It’s like some different Prado came back from the DL and the one we know and love is still there…waiting.

Jason Heyward – Sit down, You’re Rocking the Boat from Guys & Dolls

Umm, got the hint from Fredi yet, JayHey?  Bro, if they could go back in time and send you to Gwinnett in July, they would.  I’ve been a BIG supporter of Heyward playing and working this slump out.  But Jose Constanza playing this much instead of Jason is like holding the purse of a girl you like while she’s dancing with some other guy.  You’re not sure what’s going to happen next, but it’s most likely going to suck for you.

Chipper Jones – All I Need by Jack Wagner

All…Chipper…neeeeeeeeeeeeds, is just a little more time, to be sure, that he’s heeeeeeealed.  I mean, the onions on this guy.  He BLASTS Heyward for not playing through pain and not being more consistent with his health.  Has there been ANYBODY more inconsistent with their health (beside Mike Hampton) that Chipper the past 5 years?  I know he’s had injuries, but if 2011 is his last year, the Braves may retire both Chipper’s number AND the numerous x-rays of his oblique.

Freddie Freeman – I Get the Job Done by Big Daddy Kane

I work, baby.  Crisp and clean with no caffeine.  How clutch is our man, Freeman?  Everything we thought Heyward would be, Freddie IS.  He’s the new face of the Braves franchise.  He’s gotten better each month and if we didn’t have Craig Kimbrel LOSING his mind striking out more people than the Teamster’s Local54, he’d be the Rookie of the Year.  I was not high on Freeman the first month or so.  But his play has everyone believing he’ll be anchoring 1st base in Atlanta for about 14 years.

Dan Uggla – I’m Bad by LL Cool J

Who’s badder than Uggla right now?  Nobody, that’s who (apologies to my man, Eric Hinske).  The slump is a thing of the past and now so is the hitting streak.  But name the one player that you want coming up in a pressure situation now.  McCann…maybe.  Freeman…possibly.  Hinske…now you’re talking my language.  But Uggla is NOW the player we thought we were getting.  I don’t think I’d rather have anyone else batting in key situations.  And I just don’t mean the 9th inning.  Dan’s hits/runs seem to put the Braves on top, get them closer or tie things up.  He doesn’t have too many HRs that make the score 9 to 1.  Or hits a meaningless HR when the Braves are up by 6.  So forget Oreos…eat Cool Ugg Cookies.  He’s BAD!

Jose Constanza – Who Are You by the Who

Who IS this guy?  When you’re a 27 year old rookie, don’t get it twisted.  You have NEVER been considered a prospect with a high return.  27 year olds playing in AAA are the also rans.  So for Georgie to be playing this well and making SO many things happen for the Braves, it’s truly amazing.  I still think he’ll fade in another week, but give the guy credit.  He got a date with the really hot girl and he’s pulling out all the stops to impress.  I just hope he’s not holding somebody’s purse come playoff time.

So if I’ve missed someone you love to root for or if you have suggestions, I DEMAND to hear them!  Music is a big part of my life and I enjoy all types (Except the Bruce Springsteen/Bob Dylan genre…that actually kinda sucks).  So bring on the songs and Go Braves!

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