September 15, 2008

Norton, Braves Close Out Shea on a High Note

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I don’t care about a postseason sit out right now. Yesterday’s win at Shea Stadium was just… nice.

The Braves made their final visit to Shea a disappointment for Mets fans and somewhat inspirational for us watching in Atlanta. After sweeping the Rockies at home and then winning 2 of 3 in Flushing, the Bravos looked like a real baseball team again. Not the miserable, fall apart, squad we’ve been watching since July.

Greg Norton’s three run shot in the top of the ninth brought back jinx, or other forms of bad luck,  and collapse thoughts to Amazin’ fans but apart from reveling in our rivals’ miseries, it was really just a treat to get a late inning come from behind win.

Campillo started this one and didn’t have his best stuff. Wright owned him with two homers and Delgado continued to his late season heroics with some offensive production and was 4-5 by the end of the day. Campillo came out after 3.2 innings allowing 8 hits, 4 R’s (3 ER) and only recording 2 K’s. Speaking of owned… Perez did everything he could to get a win for the Mets going 7 strong innings. But the story all year for the Mets has been the bullpen. Recently acquired Ayala allowed hits to Kotchman and Johnson (pinch hitting since he didn’t start against Perez… just as well. No one hit him very well). Then the shocker c/o Mr. Norton!

By the way. I know crticism abounded when journey man Julian Taveras came to the Braves… but he’s been good these days. He’s not the answer out of the bullpen and he’s had some hiccups but mostly he’s been a good stopper. Yesterday he provided the Braves with a huge inning. And though not getting the win, his reaction after getting the strikeout to end the 6th was somewhat inspiring. We haven’t seen a lot of moments like that this year.

I gotta say it. Frenchy made me mad again yesterday. Stranding 6, 0-4 with a backwards K with men on base. Infuriating. I really hope he comes back a different player next year but I’m holding out to allow him a “bad year”.

Title Watch

Chipper was 3-5 yesterday and is now at .365. Jones is now a full 5 points ahead of Pujols with 12 games left to play.

Game Ball
Greg Norton’s blast in the ninth was enough to get the win and end the Braves tenure at Shea Stadium on a high note. Chipper did continue a little of his Shea dominance with a 3-5 day but Norton’s homer had me screaming and running around the house for joy.

Next game will see the Phillies, who have pwned us this year, send old timer Jamie Moyer to the mound against the James “the Kid” Parr. Parr hasn’t allowed a run in his two major league starts and it would be nice if he could keep from doing that any time soon against the title hunting Phils. Whaddya say we put a little damper on two NL East teams’ playoff hopes?

Keep Choppin!

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