March 09, 2011

Pictures from Spring Training – March 9

Pics following the horrendous scene with Coach Salazar at the March 9 game against the Cardinals.



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    Tim in Orlando Says:

    Top Left – Coach Salazar was leaning on the rail in front of the dugout about where Lucas (#75) is standing in the photo. Players and coaches all huddle around Coach Salazar in the dugout. We didn’t know who was hit or how bad is was but from the actions and expressions of the players you could tell it was serious. Tony LaRussa came over from the Cards dugout. That’s him on the left. Frank Wren came down to the dugout via our aisle to the field. Stadium paramedics and security also went down this route. As security came back up the aisle, we asked who it was but all they could tell us was “it was a coach.”

    Top Center – You can see where they’ve open the center field fence so that an ambulance could come onto the field.

    Top Right – Ambulance arrival.

    Bottom Left – Paramedics taking Coach Salazar to the ambulance. But even at this point we couldn’t tell who was being treated.

    Bottom Center – Fredi & Frank Wren (blue shirt) watch as the ambulance leaves.

    Bottom Right – Fredi, LaRussa and the umps talk about the situation. Look at Yadier Molina’s reaction.

    After the ambulance left we soon saw a helicopter take off behind the stadium. This was a Life Flight taking the coach to the hospital. I learned it was Coach Salazar shortly after the ambulance departed from a Disney cast member, but no announcement was ever made to the fans.

    McCann was so shook-up that he weakly struck out (count was 1-2) when the game resumed. And he took himself out of the game. This all happened in the bottom of the first with one out and runners on 1st and 2nd. Needless to say this kind of took the winds out of our sails for the rest of the day.

    Rough day today – all around. At least Discovery made it home safely – loud sonic boom during the pre-game.

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    Leah Says:

    Thanks Tim. I wondered if you were there. Scary.

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    Danny Says:

    Thanks Tim.

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    Snow Says:

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