May 10, 2011

Ric Flair and Uggla’s Arms

I love wrestling.  I grew up on it.  My brother and I, watching announcer Gordon Solie call all the action (on TBS Superstation, I might add) and thinking this was the greatest thing EVER!  I loved Mr. Wrestling II, Tommy “Wildfire” Rich and Chief Wahoo McDaniel (I can only assume he was related to Chief Knock-a-homa of the Braves).  But one man ruled them all.  One guy I couldn’t wait to see…and more so, to hear.  You waited, waited, waited, then you heard it…WHOOOOOOO!   My man, Ric Flair.

The Nature Boy.  What a stud.  This guy was “high profilin’, limo ridin’, Rolex wearin’” and then some.  And he created the most AWESOME wrestling alliance known to all mankind and most likely all other animals as well. The Four Horsemen.

The Four Horsemen were Tully Blanchard, Olie and Arn Anderson (The Minnesota Wrecking Crew) and Flair.  These guys were a MUST see.  Appointment viewing (for those under the age of 25…that means you had to be home to watch, no VCR or DVR back then).  When these guys were in the ring OR giving an interview, WOW, what a show.  The Braves have that kind of excitement with their starting pitching.  Their rotation is appointment viewing.  Atlanta has MLB’s “The Four Horsemen”.  The Phillies can go pound sand….the Braves rotation IS better.  And it’s ONLY gonna get better.

Now, don’t get it twisted, Halladay is the man.  I guess we can equate him to Hulk Hogan or Dusty Rhodes.  But when our four guys jump him in the ring and beat him down with a folding chair, who’s coming to his aid?  Cole Hamels?  Phsttt???  That guy will be somewhere in the locker room combing his hair and making sure his eyebrows look even.  Cliff Lee?  He’ll be with two other teams by the end of August.  Charlie Manuel?  Hinske will “Pedro Martinez v Don Zimmer” him back to the dugout.

The Braves lead the NL in ERA at 2.85.  They’ve given up the least amount of HR with 17, along with ERs of 103 and Runs of 107.  To be fair, the Phillies are right at the top of most of the categories as well.  And they DO have the best record in MLB.  But ALL the press has been about the Phillies’ four aces.  Atlanta’s horsemen have flown under the radar this season.  Let’s compare starters.

Lowe v Halladay = winner – Halladay

Hudson v Lee = winner – Hudson (sorry, Huddy’s better and that’s the truth)

Jurjens v Oswalt = winner – JJ

Hanson v Hamels = winner – Hanson

Beachy v Blanton = winner – Beachy

Halladay is a total ace, but I’m just not sold on the others being better than the Braves other 4.  And the Braves MAY actually have the best rotation in the MAJORS (yeppers, as my younger friends would say).  So everyone in Philadelphia and the Northeast needs to take a step back, take their union mandatory 3 hour workday break and really think about who is better.  I think the answer is clear…WHOOOOOOO!!!

Braves nicknames

Ok, I’m bringing nicknames back.  And not the lame ones certain national broadcasters give out.  Or made up ones like Tim Duncan “Big Fundamental” or Roy “Doc” Halladay (completely lame and uninventive).  Here are my nickname ideas for the Braves.

Dan Uggla – “Pipes” (because of his arms) OR “The Vet”…cause his pythons are SICK!

Freddie Freeman – “Fab 5 Freddie” (one, his number is 5 and two, homage to MTV’s Fab 5 Freddie)

Eric Hinske – “The Reaper”.  Cause late in the game, it’s time to pay

Brian McCann – I know his is “Mac”, but I love “Sweet 16” due to his jersey number.  My wife actually came up with that one 5 years ago

Eric O’Flaherty – “The Shamrock”

Jonny Venters – Jonny “B-Good”, but not real sold on it open to suggestions

Craig Kimbrel – “Smoke”.   Do you have a better description?

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8 Responses to “Ric Flair and Uggla’s Arms”

  1. 1
    Paul Says:

    Great post! I loved wrestling too. Sting was my favorite, I still have some of the action figures laying around somewhere.

    National media has ruined nicknames. I still can’t believe “Kung Fu Panda” caught on. I like Pipes for Uggla and Smoke for Kimbrel.

  2. 2
    Steve Says:

    There’s a pretty funny Twitter account out there called @ugglasarms

  3. 3
    pradomvp Says:

    thanks for sending me on an adventure on youtube watchin nothin but old wrestling clips for 2 hours!!!

  4. 4
    Nate Says:

    Vinnie this blog entry was strong to quite strong.

  5. 5
    Wil Says:

    Just one thing. Nate is the best centerfielder in the organization!

  6. 6
    The Coach Says:

    Yo Vinnie
    Great blog————WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!
    Do you remember the von Erich brothers?–Fritz & Waldo–some lady named
    Bubba used to date one of them–I wrestled under the name “MAULER”

  7. 7
    The Franchise Says:

    Great article Vinnie… You seem to know your stuff. I bet you aren’t the kind of guy who probably drove a Jeep in college, with window stickers from Vail on the back windshield. Or wear a ski vest with old lift tickets attached to the zipper? Chocolate lab owner, FORGET ABOUT IT!

    I bet your the kind of guy that says “pudding is delicious”

  8. 8
    kc Says:

    I have just approached the edge of Blog Bliss!!!!! If only a Superfly Snuka reference could have made it in…….perfection!!

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