May 23, 2011

Rob Base and the Great Outdoors

Home projects can be a beating.  What should be a simple 5 minute project turns out to be a complete nightmare.  But I’m a manly guy; surely I can do this stuff.  Creating storage space in the attic?  How hard can it be?

Hey, let me install this ceiling fan…whoops, ripped out half the ceiling.  I need to hang this mirror…then it hangs all whoppy-jawed for about 10 minutes before crashing to the floor because I can’t figure out where the wall stud is.  Nah, we don’t need to hire someone, we can totally reroof the house…good grief, we now have an unplanned sunlight in our guest bedroom.  I now hire someone to do all bigger projects around the house.  If you have the cash, it’s just a lot easier and a lot less work.  But there’s a downside, having to sit back and just watch the process.  No say into what’s going on.  No advice to the plumber.  No words of wisdom to the landscaper.  No helpful hints to the painter.  It sucks watching the sausage get made (you’re putting WHAT into that kielbasa???).

I think the central consternation for me is seeing the unfinished product.  When the day is over and you sneak out to check on the progress of the work, you look and say, “Ummm…I hope they’re not planning on leaving it like that”.  It’s the worst stress there is.  Paying a bunch of money for something and, in reality, not having the knowledge to correct/check the quality of the work.  Trusting that the person you’ve hired has a solid work ethic and WILL do right by you.  This brings me to the 2011 Braves and more specifically, Dan Uggla.

Man, this cat is driving me crazy.  When he was with the Marlins, I gave him the nickname “Stupid Uggla”.  The reason was that this guy was CRUSHING the Braves all the time in key moments.  So when the Braves got him, I was excited.  Not only did the Bravos have him, but he would no longer use advance interrogation techniques on Atlanta as a part of the Marlins.   He is now doing “baseball water torture” on all Braves fans in 2011.  We’re waiting for that big breakout game from him.  But for now, every time he comes up in a clutch situation and:

1.       Swings at the first pitch, no matter what

2.      Second pitch gets wood on it, but goes foul to third base side

3.      Then either chases bad third pitch or pops out to the catcher

We all seem to have the same reaction in disbelief.

I’m really not too worried about him.  In two/three more weeks if he’s still this way, we’ll have issues.  But I think Uggla is a great player (by the by…his defense is really, really good).  And once he turns it around, the Braves will be the better.  So while this “work in progress” Atlanta Dan Uggla is hard to stomach, I believe the finished product will be something to behold.  With the offensive struggles the Bravos have experienced so far, they’re right in the thick of things.  So once Big Dan and Heyward get going, the Atlanta Braves will be tough to keep out of the playoffs.

Walk up Songs

I was curious what the walk up songs were for this year’s Braves players.  So here’s somewhat of a list to the best of my ability.  Heyward seems to have a couple, but I’m pretty sure about the rest (by the by…David Ross has the best, hands down).  Maybe next week I’ll make some “suggestions” for new walk up songs based on performance, etc…

Nate McLouth – Shoulder Lean Young Dro

Freddie Freeman – The Show Goes On Lupe Fiasco

Jason Heyward (his seem to change)

Welcome to the World T.I. ft. Kanye West and Kid Cudi
Moment of Clarity Jay-Z
Public Service Announcement Jay-Z

Dan Uggla – Move Ludacris

Martin Prado – King Without a Crown Matisyahu

Chipper Jones – Crazy Train Ozzy Osborne

Alex Gonzalez – A Cut Above Avery Watts

Brooks Conrad – Don’t Stay Linkin Park

David Ross – See link below

Brian McCann – All I Do Is Win DJ Khaled

Eric Hinske – Walk Pantera

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9 Responses to “Rob Base and the Great Outdoors”

  1. 1
    The Diesel Says:

    I like the whopper fu– the big mac…

  2. 2
    Ronnie Mexico Says:

    Can’t wait to see your music suggestions!

  3. 3
    Vinnie Says:

    Ronny Mex…yea, I’d love to hear some people’s walk up music suggestions. I bet they’re pretty spot on!

  4. 4
    Retta Says:

    I’m quite pleased with the inatomfoirn in this one. TY!

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  9. 9 Says:

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