April 11, 2010

Show #102: The Braves Start the Season 3 – 3

Reviewing the Cubs series.  Chipper’s injury.  The Glaus Ceiling.  And grading the team on week 1.



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  1. 176
    Bubdoubter Says:

    Bobby Cox is an infuriating man. I’m so pissed right now there are now words. $%%#@!! WHY? Up by 4. He pitched yesterday and will probably be needed tomorrow.

    It doesn’t matter how good we could be with this guy managing the club.

  2. 177
    Bubdoubter Says:

    Yay $%#@ Braves.

    Go Bobby.

  3. 178
    Tcc Says:

    Worlds largest smurf…funny stuff!

  4. 179
    Curt Says:

    It’s one of my favorite movies of all time. It’s in German so you have to deal with subtitles, but just an extraordinary film.

    So right about Wagner. Why not let Chavez, et al finish this one. He’s so terrible with a bullpen.

    I’ll take .500. Would have loved that other win in SF, but….

  5. 180
    Bubdoubter Says:

    Somebody tell me why we used Saito and Wagner with a 4 run lead against the PADRES. Come on, one of you smart people, please make it make some sense to me. It’s completely MIND BOGGLING to me.

    Is there something I’m not seeing? Not understanding? I honestly hope there is. But if we don’t rest Wagner with a 4 run lead , WHEN will we rest him? WHEN? How often is this offense going to have MORE than that lead?

    I’m very proud of the boys for rebounding to take the series. But this absolutely blows my mind. He did this over and over and over again last year and it cost us games. Now with a 39 year old legend, he’s going to act this foolish.

    Curt? Steve? Anyone? Am I taking crazy pills? Is this understandable to you?

    Go Braves.

  6. 181
    Bubdoubter Says:

    I like subtitled movies fine. I just youtubed the trailer. I’ll get it.

  7. 182
    Kathryn Says:

    Bobby probably used Saito because he was warming up when it was still a 1 run game. No excuse for using Wagner.

  8. 183
    Tcc Says:

    No excuse, except to guarantee a .500 road trip?

  9. 184
    Bubdoubter Says:


    I just… wish he had at least put Chavez in until he gave up one base runner. That’s still awfully close to a guarantee.

    End of fit.


    The most exciting thing for me tonight was seeing Escobar’s swing come alive. There’s a little milk for all the acid I spilled on the board.

    G’night. Go Braves.

  10. 185
    BluesMan Says:

    I concur w/ Bobby using Wags when there’s clearly no need to (except it helps my fantasy league pitching, thanks for that Bobby!). I’d rather him show more sense w/ his late inning guys, but he’s a creature of habit…& I’m not all that surprised for it. It’s nice to see Heyward still playing well & growing more, it’s such a joy to see that guy play. If this is a sign of things to come from Melky Cabrera, then I’ll be the first to say it, I miss Scott Thorman…and maybe in some ways, Greg Norton. I’m glad we were able to salvage the road trip & finish that with a .500 road record. Bring on the homestand. I really like the way our bullpen is looking, hopefully they’ll show Jo-Jo the circus clown the door out of Atlanta (if not the Braves organization) I’m so over that guy. He needs a change of scenery. On a final note…I truly hope JJ’s struggles are strictly due to his late start in spring. Otherwise, I have some honest concerns about him.

    I’m really enjoying the shows guys! Are Frank & Scott gonna be around more this year? Or do they just come around for special shows?

    G’night all…& GO BRAVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. 186
    Curt Says:

    Bub, it’s nothing more than Bobby’s ill advised approach to the bullpen. He simply doesn’t know how to manage a bullpen. He thinks everyone has Moylan’s rubber arm. Now he has two 50 year old guys coming off of surgery, but that isn’t going to stop him from running them into the ground. There is no excuse for it, and frankly I don’t think there is any more explanation to it. He’s terrible with a pen.

  12. 187
    Bubdoubter Says:

    There should be a stat for using your closer in a non-save situation when he was used the day before.

    I think it should be called “Wastes.” As in “Mike Gonzalez led the league in wastes the year before he went on the DL.” Or “Did high waste totals lead to Saito and Wagner injuries?”

    Can’t somebody in the media say to Bobby Cox, “Bobby, I saw you’ve been using Wagner in a lot of non-save situations. Is that because you don’t have confidence in other possibilities, or is more to do with retardation?”


    It’s a crying shame. Wagner is fulfilling a dream by playing for Atlanta. And Cox is risking his arm and, with next year being an option year (right?), his money, too.

    My ONE hope is that Wags will actually say something. I just hope it’s not a locker room spill the day his arm goes SNAP.

  13. 188
    Steve Says:

    Lives of Others is truly SUPERB. I defy anyone not to love it.

    I can’t get over Wags and Saito either. Tcc – I understand the importance of winning last night’s game (psyche of the team, Phils had lost, etc.) but, frankly, I don’t attribute that to Bobby’s decision making process. I, sadly, believe it was more – it’s the 8th that’s when Saito goes in. It’s the 9th, time for Wags.

    Bub – I’m somewhat heartened by what you found on the mlb board about Glaus’ start in St. Louis. I hope it’s true because I thought his bat has looked as slow last night as it has all season. Now let’s take care of the Rockies!

  14. 189
    Anne Says:

    Spring has sprung, y’all. It’s baseball season AND my endless string of last first dates has – hopefully – ended. The fella knows that if Diaz comes calling (because he’s clearly not spending his days in the batting cage, so it could happen!), I’ll give him up, but it’s nice to have this guy around. He’s willing to learn a thing or two about baseball, so I’ll learn him (god help him). I’m sure you’re all losing sleep wondering where I’ve been with random comments and questions…but I’ve been absent with good reason. Will be watching from Turner Field as the Rockies lose tonight … GO BRAVES!!!!!

    ps – seriously, the Phillies have only lost two games so far this season and they’ve BOTH been to the Nats???????????????????????????????????????

  15. 190
    Bubdoubter Says:

    Anne, actually the Nats are the best team Philly has played this season. 6 versus Washington and 3 versus the Houston Lastros.

    Heh. Lastros. *Peter Lorre laughter*

    Congratu$%#&lations on finding love/something-till-Matty.

  16. 191
    Curt Says:

    Bub, you know the Astros beat the Cards 5-1 yesterday.

  17. 192
    Bubdoubter Says:

    Damn ya.

  18. 193
    Princess Leah Says:

    Anne…that’s wonderful! Who’s Peter Lorre?

  19. 194
    Bubdoubter Says:

    I’m pretty sure I just roasted a national writer on ESPN Insider for writing an article on Tim Hudson’s “major red flags.” Get this, Hudson’s K/9 rate through the first 12 innings is alarming in his post-surgery return.


    So, I was like (making swordfighting gestures), OH YEAH, well how is any strike out rate worth a damn article 12 innings into a season? And then I was like, how can you do a post-surgery work-up on Hudson’s K rate and not look also at his K rate from the FOURTY TWO innings when he FIRST came back??? And he was like – well, he didn’t respond, I don’t think they do.

    So, then I was like, I’LL go look it up mister INSIDERRRRR. And I did. And his K/9 rate last year was a FULL STRIKE OUT HIGHER than in his previous FIIIIIIIIIVE seasons.

    So, yeah, a “red flag” article based on the 43rd through 55th innings pitched after an operation, on a ground-ball pitcher with a 2.84 ERA.

    And THEN, I went and monitored ALL 5.2 INNINGS of Hudson’s performance last night on the gameday strike zone and made the case for his control being pretty darned spiffy after all.

    I’m thinking someone phoned in an assignment.

    *sheaths bloody sword*

    Should I, like, study for finals or whatever?

  20. 195
    Princess Leah Says:

    Call off the silver alert folks! I’ve found him. Welcome back Bubdylan. Some imposter had hijacked your account for a while. It was quite frightening.

  21. 196
    Curt Says:

    It was me. Sorry

  22. 197
    Curt Says:

    Hudson was definitely getting squeezed yesterday.

  23. 198
    Bubdoubter Says:


  24. 199
    Bubdoubter Says:

    Leah, P. Lorre is the classic movie actor with the maniacal laugh.

  25. 200
    Bubdoubter Says:

    The photo gallery of the Braves on the Yahoo page is pretty nice, if you like really lush in-game stills like I do. Pics of Prado and Heyward stand out especially.


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