April 25, 2010

Show #104: Braves Go First to Worst in Week 3

The errors in the Mets series.  Jordan calls out Chipper.   MVP/LVP.  And the comeback against the Phillies.



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  1. 726
    Bubdylan Says:

    I would like either the Mets or the Phillies to completely crumble and sink to under the Brave within two weeks. Since the Phillies are an unlikely candidate, this game is going fine by me.

  2. 727
    Bubdylan Says:

    This is too funny. One of Chip Carey’s best flubs.


  3. 728
    Tcc Says:

    Like I said….100% chance one of ‘em is going down. I won’t cry either way.

  4. 729
    Tcc Says:

    Bub, that was PRICELESS!

  5. 730
    Bubdylan Says:

    Show #105: Swept, Swept, Sweeped.

  6. 731
    Tcc Says:

    Show #105: BRAVES SWEEP (Curt “but it was only the Astros”)

  7. 732
    Mara Raincloud Says:

    Damn you socket that won’t open making me miss all the great clips! Seriously, someone that rhymes with flub may have to email them to me.

  8. 733
    Bubdoubter Says:

    No idea why my name keeps changing back.

  9. 734
    Mara Raincloud Says:

    Yeah…what about that name change. Thought we had a deal mister. JK.

  10. 735
    Bubdoubter Says:

    Okay, I’m gonna put on Monster’s Inc and clean my messy apartment. If somebody posts an ETA on the new show, I’ll be most thankful.

  11. 736
    Curtdoza Says:

    25 min maybe.

    I already broke my promise and uttered the unthinkable. Starts with an L. Honestly, usually ends with an L too.


    Tcc, a wins a win, even if it is the Astros. Better than the alternative.

  12. 737
    Mara Raincloud Says:

    Kinda like getting old…better than the alternative. G’night ABT. It’s been a great weekend!

  13. 738
    Bubdoubter Says:

    “Tcc, a wins a win, even if it is the Astros. Better than the alternative.”

    I am alone. Alone. Alone……..

  14. 739
    Curtdoza Says:

    (I’m just placating him)

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