April 25, 2010

Show #104: Braves Go First to Worst in Week 3

The errors in the Mets series.  Jordan calls out Chipper.   MVP/LVP.  And the comeback against the Phillies.



739 Responses to “Show #104: Braves Go First to Worst in Week 3”

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  1. 276
    Tcc Says:

    Medlin is my all time favorite Brave…ever.

  2. 277
    Bubward Says:

    If old man Moyer loses tonight, the damn Mets will be in first place. And the circle of bile will be complete. From being in first with Mets in the basement, to the reverse.

    Attaboy, Medlen. That’s the only player besides Dontrelle that I like in the flatbill.

  3. 278
    Tcc Says:

    MR…dark chocolate is good for you. Indulge!

  4. 279
    Bubward Says:

    That’s what she said.

  5. 280
    Mara Raincloud Says:

    The flatbill drives me crazy. And the crooked flatbill is worse.

  6. 281
    Mara Raincloud Says:

    Oooooh, thanks Cledus! You reminded me of a stash I forgot about. So, I caught a glimpse of a headline that Wags is anxious about not having pitched lately. I was hoping Bobby was bringing him in the 8th last night. Would that have been stupid? Does he only come in when we’re winning?

  7. 282
    Bubward Says:

    Usually me, too. But it fits Meds.

    Schafer, on the other hand… looks like a lego baseball man.

  8. 283
    Bubward Says:

    No, Leah, bringing a closer in when he hasn’t had a chance in a while is common practice. I expect we’ll see him tonight, save or not.

  9. 284
    Tcc Says:

    Bub, Bile doesn’t really circle…it flows, relatively downhill..as do other substances..different process..same result.

  10. 285
    Tcc Says:

    Eric Hinske…my Main Manske!

  11. 286
    Bubinske Says:

    C’mon, big E.

  12. 287
    Bubinske Says:


  13. 288
    Hamcobar Says:

    alright I’m back

  14. 289
    Bubreelin' Says:

    This sucks.

  15. 290
    Hamcobar Says:

    switching to Gameday to change the mojo

  16. 291
    Tcc Says:

    Damn…don’t I know I have to work tomorrow?

  17. 292
    Bubreelin' Says:

    lol @ hamcobar. Frozen pork.

  18. 293
    Hamfooled Says:

    (weeps quietly into his laptop)

  19. 294
    Mara Raincloud Says:

    Hamcobar? I’m gonna need a chart pretty soon to remember whose whom…or who. Never can get that right. Why no LOST tonight?

  20. 295
    Bubskeered. Says:

    I do NOT like the idea of a rusty Wags coming in to face Pujols, first batter.

  21. 296
    Bubskeered. Says:

    “Why no LOST tonight?”

    Watching Atlanta, you get a game AND Lost.

  22. 297
    Mara Raincloud Says:

    Comment section almost at 300 and it’s Tuesday. Yikes.

  23. 298
    Tcc Says:

    If ya can’t beat em, hurt em…just sayin’

  24. 299
    Bubner Says:

    Hey, batta batta batta batta batta, saWING, batta.

    Holliday HBP. Poop.

  25. 300
    Curtdoza Says:

    thats what she said

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