May 02, 2010

Show #105: The Braves Sweep Away the Losing Streak

Bobby’s hitting instructions for Heyward.  The starting rotation.  And the Jekyll/Hyde nature of the 2010 Braves.



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  1. 1
    Curtalicious Says:

    Breaking Bad is so good.

  2. 2
    Bubdoubter Says:

    Great show.

    I’ll go with 3-6 on the upcoming swing. One win in each series.

    I hope you guys are right about Chipper retiring if he goes .230 with errors and 10 HR’s. But I have very, very severe doubts. Sometimes Chipper just says stuff. You haven’t noticed this?

    I think part of the reason he’s coming totally unglued is that he said that about retiring having no intention whatsoever of repeating last year’s performance. And now that it’s staring him in the face as a reality, he’s miserable. Beyond miserable.

    I see a “what I meant was” reneg coming right up. I hope he proves me wrong. Cuz if he takes it back and stays, and soaks up the #3 spot AND all those millions after saying emphatically he’d walk away, his legacy will be majorly stained.

    Hammy, your theory on Cox’s steatlth deflection is pretty goofy. He just doesn’t strike me as the type. I’m glad Heyward handled it so well and turned poop into gold, but it was still a clumsy move to me. And I go with Steve: the little 45 phonograph in his brain just skipped a groove. He said it without thinking first.

    This I will give Bobby: he is much more lively in his managerial moves this year than last. He acts like every game is important, and with the line-up he’s not afraid to bob and weave. And his advice to Heyward, minus the public part, was right. I reckon he’s got a trick or two left.

    Go Braves (2011!)

  3. 3
    Bubdoubter Says:

    The two most dominant player on the Braves have less than a year MLB experience combined. Can you believe graduation Hanson and Heyward from our farm within 9 months of each other? An obvious Cy Young contender, an obvious ROY contender (and MVP dark horse)… back to back.

  4. 4
    Bubdoubter Says:

    Lol, English Major.


  5. 5
    Curtalicious Says:

    And we got Hanson in the 23rd round or some such.

    Lemke’s theory today was that Bobby was giving a complitment to Heyward.
    My response, no.

    Go Braves (2013)

  6. 6
    McOut Says:

    Good show guys- I will start following the blog during games too. I’ve been following David O’Brien’s blog at the ajc site, but this one seems to be much more rational in your view of our team. DOB is cool, but some of the people on there are idiots. I got publicly ridiculed over their today for criticizing “The One That Shall Not Be Mentioned” while he was pitching today. At that moment I began to wonder if I was alone in my views of him, but it was refreshing to hear that I’m not when I listened to your show. Also, I think a good analogy for what’s happening to Chipper is that it’s like when your favorite t.v. show is coming to an end. Usually the writing is not nearly as good, and you can tell the actors are just going through the motions. All you can do is just hope for a good ending and pray that it is soon because it has become hard to watch. I love Chipper Jones in that awkward kind of way that every man loves his favorite player on his favorite team, but it’s getting painful to watch him struggle. Gotta get back to the studying. Have a good one, and I look forward to listening next week.

  7. 7
    Mara Raincloud Says:

    (what do y’all think of this “McOut” fella? Seems pretty cool.). Ok, we’ve talked it over and decided to let you in the club. #1 rule…no makng fun of stupid chick questions. Welcome! Haven’t listened to the show yet but looks good.

  8. 8
    Hamforlorn Says:

    “Goofy!” I know you are, but what am I?!?

  9. 9
    Curtward Says:

    Chipper has officially jumped the shark

  10. 10
    Steve Says:

    McOut – I do love your jumping the shark analogy with Chipper. It is right on. I had a related thought about him at the stadium this weekend as the cheering was so much louder for Heyward than for Chipper. And it made me happy. The cheering for Chipper the last few years seemed rote. Always the loudest, but not much heart in it. Not so with Heyward. Lusty, I’d say.

  11. 11
    Mara Raincloud Says:

    Good show guys. Hammy, I love VoldeLowe! That’s awesome. I’m going 6-3 on the road trip. Not as much cause I really think that’s how it will play out but rather how I really want it to play out. I was a little surprised you didn’t cover Wags announcement, not complaining just curious. It hasn’t gotten a lot of ink and I’m wondering if that’s because it’s no real surprise or no one thinks he’s serious.

  12. 12
    Hamonwholewheat Says:

    I know I said it last night, but I totally agree with Bub. No way does Chipper leave this year. As much as some might want him to, he is not going out on a losing note. In fact, I think the only (slim) possibility that he does leave, is if he turns it around and has an MVP-type season. He could leave on a high note and go out with Bobby. Even that seems ridiculous when I read it. He ain’t leaving.

    The bigger question is . . . . do we ‘Nique him? Do we Dale Murphy him? Would that EVER happen?

  13. 13
    Curtward Says:

    We can’t. He’s a 10-5 so he would have to sign off on it.

    I do believe that if the Braves are out of it they will look to dump whomever they can – Ross, Infante, Hinske, Glaus, Wagner, Saito, McLouth, et al. Then they can go even cheaper and younger next year. Their goal is to have every guy under his rookie contract making the league minimum.

    If Chip stinks it up and still comes back next year, he is no longer one of the greatest Braves because he will be doing it all for himself, and I have never really felt that way about him. Wonder is this all goes back to Jordan calling him out. The guys at 790 went after him a tiny bit this morning. Clearly, stealing from our superior product.

    On other fronts, I read someting yesterday calling for Barbaro Canizares to be brought up.

  14. 14
    Anne Says:

    NO NO NO Barbaro! I remember he was brought up for a little bit right after they shot the horse-version (of his name).

    In other news…am basking in the glow of both yesterday’s sunburn AND my awesome purchases @ the ABT Store!

  15. 15
    Mara Raincloud Says:

    As long as they don’t dump Prado. Wherever he goes, so go I. Not to change the subject but…VoldeLowe is going to be himself which is unpredictable, JJ scares me because it seems like he’s hiding an injury or something…I don’t know. But don’t you think KK could get better as the hitting gets better? It seems like he’s the kinda guy who would get rattled if he doesn’t have bat support. Which clearly has been nonexistent.

  16. 16
    Anne Says:

    Oh, and I thought Saito pitched well yesterday, I meant to say…which is saying something for the oldest Brave, and the only Brave on the team older than I am (by 8 months).

  17. 17
    Bubdoubter Says:

    Ham, even if Chipper would okay a trade, who in the world, with 12 or 13 million to spend on help for their team, would spend it on an oft-injured, oft-erring 3B with little power, hitting a quarter over the Mendoza line? Although I don’t think he’ll retire, it still seems more likely than a successful trade.

    And I should say that if the writing is absolutely on the wall – if he is hitting .195, hurting all over, and the Atlanta Press is taking him to task (who ever knew Mark Bradley might come in handy after all?), he might hang it up before risking his dignity.

    But there are many ways to rationalize yourself into 12 million dollars:

    1. He could hit .450 over the last two weeks of the season, when it doesn’t matter, and say “yup, I’m back.”
    2. He could come up with a new strategy – a lighter bat, an even shorter swing, a rabbit’s foot, squeeze his left buttocks at the release point, and convince himself he’s back. Starting next year.
    3. Someone could make a case in the press for him. Someone could pour out the passionate “look what this man has done for us” article of all time, and Chipper could read it and go, “ya know what? He’s right! I HAVE done all that!”
    4. He could come back and say, “but if I struggle out of the gate, I’m definitely gonna lay it down,” and then struggle, but never quite enough to be sure he’s not just about to turn it all around. Surge just enough in OBP and the occassional crowd pleasing hit to convince himself. Repeat, rinse.

    I hope he keeps his word. How badly should he be treated, just for saying something foolish, if he completes the contract he earned? I’m not gonna turn on him. But MAN do I hope he somehow keeps his word and frees up those funds and that spot in the order.

    Heck, the way Wren has iced Glav, Smoltz, and Cal Ripken Jr, he might just choose his next manager around “okay, which one of you fellas will sit Chipper Jones after one week of garbage production? You’re in.”

  18. 18
    Bubdoubter Says:

    In the category of “weird,” talking chop has been reporting Yunel to the DL since last night. Not a squeak of it in the AJC.

  19. 19
    Steve Says:

    “squeeze his left buttocks at the release point” – twss

    Why on earth would people call for Barbaro after Glaus’ BEST three games in a Braves uniform?!?!?!?!

    My fear about Chipper and his retiring at the end of the year is he could play the game of, “2010 was bad because I was so injured. It has nothing to do with my ability. I’ll just be healthier in 2011.” What needs to happen is that he retires at the end of the season and becomes our new hitting coach in ’11.

  20. 20
    Bubdoubter Says:

    Want a vivid glimpse at our suckitude? (Sure you do).

    Moyer’s earned runs per start:

    0 (ATL)

    Kendrick’s earned runs per start:

    0 (ATL)

    That is awful. Pathetic. Heartbusting sick.

  21. 21
    Steve Says:

    Well sure Bub, it’s easy to point that out. But that was back when we were awful. Now we’ve swept the Astros and we’re good again. C’mon, man. Why so negative?

  22. 22
    Steve Says:

    My buddy Edmund, regular listener, has requested a name change. VoldeLowe to be changed to Lowedemort. I’m with him. But Hammy, as creator of the original, we need your blessing.

  23. 23
    Hammy Potter Says:

    I feel like I should open it to the gang for the final ruling. I am partial to Voldelowe, but I am not proud. I still claim the J-Hey Kid as my own.

  24. 24
    McOut Says:

    Bubdoubter, I watched that Phillies game last night, and when the Mets immediately started teeing-off on Moyer I got really bummed. What’s the deal with the Braves doing that against bad pitching? I think it has to be that mentality of “oh, were supposed to crush this guy”, and they assume it and never get ready mentally to actually do it. I live in TB, and the only reason the Bucs won any games last year is because teams took that mentality into the game against them. The Bucs were awful and should have lost every game, but they didn’t because the Packers and Saints never showed up- they may have won one more, too. I hope the Braves stop doing that because it seems like every year they throw away about 10 wins against pitchers they should demolish. I now expect them to struggle in games where they face a guy whose just been called up to spot start or against a team’s number 5 who has an astronomical ERA. My vote is for Lowedemort. Sorry Hammy.

  25. 25
    Bubdoubter Says:

    McOut, last night’s early thrashing of Moyer by the oft-hapless Metros are why I had to finally post the Kendrick/Moyer bizarro stats. Both pitchers are perfectly bookended now, so all hope is lost that they were just bad before they faced Atlanta, but were bound to become better. Nope. Bad, bad, Atlanta, bad, bad. In perfect symmetry.

    Steve, that’s why. Sorry, but, I’ll be more positive as the ability comes to me. :) It just really sticks with me, when as a fan, on the morning before we faced Moyer, I was saying to myself all day long, please, Bravos, have a gameplan. Don’t just think Moyer’s snailball is gonna be automatically easy to crush. Have an approach.

    And then to just watch them go up there hacking like never heard of how to go after a slow-tosser. To have the fans literally more focussed on how to attack him than they are.

    HOUSTON got to him. HOUSTON! The team that couldn’t to LOWE!

    But okay. I’ll ease off. They did beat Houston, swept ‘em. I just don’t know how I’m supposed to believe that the same team that didn’t prepare for, or develop an approach to, Jamie Moyer, are going to suddenly play smarter and more focussed baseball because they swept Houston.

    But I’ll try and pretend. :)

    Go Braves! (2011!)

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