May 02, 2010

Show #105: The Braves Sweep Away the Losing Streak

Bobby’s hitting instructions for Heyward.  The starting rotation.  And the Jekyll/Hyde nature of the 2010 Braves.



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  1. 301
    Steve Says:

    If this were Major League Baseball we would suck.

  2. 302
    Hamfounded Says:

    Few things . . .

    Wilbur, I know this will sound subjective, but you are wrong. Lost was good. Some of the best acting in a while. Just like the Wire, I love that none of the characters are sacred (even though we saw Jin in Sideways world, which was a little anti-climactic.) Didn’t like the Titanic like scene with Jin and Sun and thought it was weird that they were talking to each other in English. (Dear everyone not named Leah or Will, isn’t this fascinating?!) I give it an A-.

    Braves – uggh. Um at least we didn’t get no-hit twice in a month? Poor starting pitchers – at least with JJ out we are spreading the lack of support around, (except for Edmund of course).

    Hawks – 3 out of 8 quarters isn’t bad right? We don’t have to play the whole game do we? That seems to be asking a lot; I mean we have been playing all season. We shouldn’t have to keep playing after the original 82 games. Then again, I could be wrong – I have been banging my head against the coffee table for the past 15 minutes.

  3. 303
    Hamfounded Says:

    Curtis – just read post 268 – you are an evil prophet.

  4. 304
    Curtapalooza Says:

    It’s just too easy Ham. As much as we all want these teams to perform, they keep doing what deep down we know they are going to. Braves can’t hit (in the clutch), and the Hawks are awful in the 4th.

    I’m now thinking we might get 2 on this road trip. I need to read some quotes from Bobby about how great they played tonight.

  5. 305
    Bubroken Says:

    Steve, I got a great laugh out of #301.

  6. 306
    McOut Says:

    Steve it’s Major League staring Chipper Dorn and Troy Cerrano. Nate McLouth can play the roll of Wlllie Mays Hayes and Cox will play the part of Lou Brown, the foul mouthed manager all the players love.

  7. 307
    McOut Says:

    This series really is a good microcosm of what the season has been so far. We go 1-11 with RISP in game one and lose with Livan Hernandez getting the win with Moyeresque stuff. In game two we somehow score 7. Cox is convinced the team can hit. In game three Reality comes knocking, and we almost get no-hit by Scott Olsen, an inconsistent pitcher the Braves usually crush.

  8. 308
    McOut Says:

    Can you imagine what Ozzie Guillen might say in a post-game press conference about the way our team plays? It would be refreshing to hear that instead of “we hit the ball hard right at people.” “Zimmerman put on a show in the field.” Seriously Bobby? Didn’t Zimmerman have 2 errors. I guess he’s throwing the guy some props because he knows if Zimmerman hadn’t thrown the ball around we wouldn’t have scored at all. OK I’m done.

  9. 309
    Will Says:

    Ham – de gustibus non est disputandum, but I hear ya.
    Mabye I can change the grade to a B/B+ for pure evil of Smoky but …
    – the Arab character blows himself up?
    – the beelabored reuinion sub plot ends with…the stuck in a sinking car/ship/boat bit
    – the fat guy….cries?
    – Kate gets shot with a rifle…a rifle…like a 30-06…in the chest, but hops on a submarine, hangs out for 10 minutes, then escapes said flooded sub at 80 feet below the surface…and swims to shore… and hangs out while the fat guy crys a bit…sort of clutching her chest, like her bra is on too tight
    – Sawyer gets everybody killed…now that I believe

    I could go on…just rang a bit phony to me.. Jack’s acting was excellent..he gets an A.

  10. 310
    Bubroken Says:


    I’m going to briefly state my case for abandoning the Braves in favor of following the Rays for just one summer. And then I’m going to ask you all to give me your honest opinion; on a scale of 1-10, 1 being scum of the earth and 10 being perfectly forgivable; how bad of a fan do you think I would be to pull the trigger.

    1. I find Joe Maddon fascinating.

    2. I find the Rays fascinating, and this is the last year they’ll be this dominant, most likely, with Crawford and others pricing themselves out of range starting in 2011. This year only they can take it to the Evil Empire in amazing fashion. Do you guys know how good this team is?

    Listen, they’ve scored 168 runs and allowed 85. That’s right, 2 runs short of DOUBLING the runs that have been scored against them. They’ve scored THE MOST RUNS IN THE MAJOR LEAGUES. And they’ve allowed, get this, the second least, AND San Fran, who leads that total by 4 runs, has played one game less than the Rays.

    The Rays are 21-7. WHAT? .750. They stomp teams. 70 million dollar payroll and they beat the crap out of teams the livelong day.

    PLEASE, mama, I WANNA! Say it won’t make me scummy. SAY IT!

    3. I genuinely do not like the Braves team. I don’t like them. Don’t believe they are committed either in the front office or on the field. I actually believe Brian Jordan; that Chipper phones in the winter routine and the stretches. That Cox grandpas the team into complacency. That Escobar and Glaus are about three pouts short of being unlikable personalities. Not only will the team lose all year, it’s going to be agonizing, with good pitchers being constantly punished and the NL East swallowing them whole. I’d like to be excused please. I don’t feel well.

    4. I like the DH. I know I’m alone on ABT in that, but I like think it’s a more elegant and fitting version of the game, no matter which version is older.

    5. I half think the Rays will wear down and submit to the Evil Empire. So, while I’d be jumping on a bandwagon, I would at least be opening myself up to the clutches of the most disgusting sports franchise in the universe. Over here I’m safe. I don’t hate the Phillies. I do hate the Yankees. I could actually take a worse beating over there, so… I get SOME points for that, yeah? YEAH?

    Alright, so there it is: Would you blame me? Does it sound like a slimey thing to do? Because… what do I owe this group? It’s not like I became a fan in ’91. I was around for the sucko years. I feel I have certain rights.

    6. Rays hustle. All day, every day. They run like their asses are on fire. That’s almost enough by itself. I think it’s a rare window to follow a team that could do something historic. And I just don’t want to lose that out of loyalty to…

    This awful, awful, awful team.

  11. 311
    Bubroken Says:

    lol… “briefly…”

  12. 312
    Hamfounded Says:

    It’s a marriage, Bub. For a true fan, til death do we part. I certainly think that you can take interest in another team, but at the end of the day, for better or worse, this is YOUR team.

    Then again, this is really painful, so I give you a 3.

  13. 313
    Steve Says:

    Bub – I’ll give you a 3.5, but only to make myself seem more compassionate than Hammy.

    Everything you’ve said is absolutely correct. The Rays are immenently more rootable, more successful, apparently filled with more heart, soul and cool thick plastic glasses frames. But, the problem for me, at the end of the day, is that I don’t give a sh*t about the Rays or any other team in the league. You may claim that I’m just rooting for laundry but I love this franchise and care deeply about their outcome every day of the year. It’s unconditional love for me. My love for the Braves is much, much bigger than my love for MLB. I’m not saying you’re wrong about your opinion (but, you are and so is Will about Lost). I just think we come to it from different places. Am I pissed and frustrated and disgusted beyond belief? Yes. Do I secretly think they have a run in them in the 2nd half like they did last year? Absolutely. Is it based on any empirical evidence? Hell, no. But this is what I do. Go Braves!

  14. 314
    Anne Says:

    This is sad, but I look forward to the Braves return home because: it’ll be Friday Night Fireworks. Oh, and Kelly & Roche-y will be there.

  15. 315
    Mara Raincloud Says:

    I…need a moment…*presses hanky to trembling lips, squeezes eyes tightly shut to keep the tears at bay*

    What is up with our LOST website? I guess it’s down so I’ll have to use this one. Sorry guys. Will, Sayeed was totally sacrificial. Sure he hasn’t felt any emotion for weeks but still. And Jack told you…the bullet went all the way through. I am in love with Hurley, Hugo, tub of love and when he cries, I cry.

  16. 316
    Will Says:

    fine….ill have to watch the episode again….but i dont think ill change my opinion. dont like being ganged up on…it usually means im right.

    i too am a braves only guy…grew up in atl the main reason, but also for lack of bandwidth to follow anyone else.

    Will recalls that on paper, things looked pretty darn good. spring training…pretty darn good. could easily turn around. agree w steve. too early to roll over. Go Bravos

    question..any interest in reading my bat$hit crazy mother’s email description of a tour of Derek Lowe’s house on Peachtree Battle? It was with some woman’s group she joined…This woman could care less about the braves….actually mildly hates them since she is a braves widow…but her reaction to this house is funny. Teaser: disco ball in the garage…and then they toured Turner field. Any interest?.maybe to lighten the somber mood..? she sent me a bunch of photos of Turner field, the dugout, the locker room..

  17. 317
    Curthlic Says:

    what Steve said, without all the mushy, lovey stuff.

    I can see pulling for the Rays if the get to the WS and are playing the Phils, as I did, and following them during the season as a casual observer, but the Braves are it for me. I remember a friend saying that he cheered for Michael Jordan after he hit a shot to beat the Hawks. This guy was an Atlanta native, but he just rooted more for a winner than for his hometown team. I was mystified. Not saying that you are a frontrunner, and they would be a fun team to follow, but I can’t support other teams. We play those guys this year. I do like that team alot, and would love if they had Atlanta on their chests, but they don’t, so I can’t.


  18. 318
    Steve Says:

    Will – YES. Share the stuff about Lowe’s house.

  19. 319
    Will Says:

    OK….Warning….just going to post it as is.. kinda better that way…Ill delete some family names she mentions to protect the innocent…

  20. 320
    Will Says:

    From: Sally Montgomery (xxxxxxxx)
    Sent: Thu 5/06/10 12:02 AM
    To: Ben Montgomery; Will Montgomery; Sam Montgomery; Miwa Montgomery; Christina Montgomery

    Oh My Gawd!!!! I’m just way beYOND Cool! Yesterday I went all through the “summer” home of Braves pitcher Derrick Lowe (did I get the spellin kerik) ALL through this huge imperesssssive humongous house on Peachtree Battle. WAY OUT OF PLACE on Ptree battle – doesn’t fit – but GORJESUS. Hits his summer house – other homes in california and Florida. Had draperies in the garage! with a disco ball hanging from the cathedral ceiling (of the garage). Beautiful pool, kitchen, downstairs decorated beyond belief – like straight out of ADAK – if that’s yer thang. Upstairs – one bedroom had purple – dark purple walls – very contemporary – wonderful to look at – great colors all over (know you guys would just adore the colors). Lots of televisions – one you can watch through the mirror hanging over it – can’t tell it’s a TV til you turn it on so you can watch all he sports events. Incredible basement – or “Lower floor” or “below ground” or whatever – huge weight/training room – mirrors, etc, wine celler, vented cigar smoking room, more huge TVs in a row with reclining chairs – indescribable – twas lots of fun. Can’t imagine anybody getting it dirty – much less kids runnin around it. Boy all our kids would have had a blast in it – bet we could get it messy

    Then TODAY I toured Turner Field – had lunch at the 755 Club – I could have CARED Less but it was such fun. Went with the Tomodachi group of the Japan American Society – Miwa you’ll love this – lots of cute Japanese women – tho they don’t meet in the summer. Maybe I’ll be able to get some names – but they are so friendly. Most are wives of Japanese businessmen – have the same problem that American women have in Japan – can’t work – can’t get work visas – so stupid! But they have lots of free time to go through Turner Field and do other fun stuff. we had a tour – I sent email photos – couldn’t send the SMELL!!! and it DID – like dirty sports equipment – yuk! We went through some of the corporate boxes (stanky), the press stuff (needs renovating! let the Lowe’s decorator up there) – where the announcers sit and the TV interviews take place – and the press sit – went to the Sun Trust Club, out on the field, in to the dugout – to the locker room – through the Museum – also up on the top where the Cow, Coke bottle and cannon are. Then we had great food at the 755 Club – fun people – Americans are mostly old ladies like me. Actually there are several members that I’ve known for a long time from other activities I’ve done – like XXXX (XXXX’ mom). One very elderly lady – very interesting – and lively – woman (had a large dressing on her neck from carotid endarterectomy surgery – didn’t slow her down a bit)- is Hungarian with an American husband – and they lived in Japan long ago – he was with AMEX then – but she was a nurse in WWII – in Hungary – spent 2 months on a German railroad boxcar in the winter – and she’s a hoot!

    So that’s what I’ve been doing – GO BRAVES!!!!!!

  21. 321
    Steve Says:

    FYI: There will be a story about Heyward on ESPN’s E:60 show on Tuesday, May 11, at 7 p.m. ET. Buster Olney is doing it.

  22. 322
    Mara Raincloud Says:

    Glad to know Lowedemort is spending his money wisely. Really cool email. I wish I had an hour or two to converse with the Hungarian WWII nurse. I hope she’s written her stories down. The WWII heros are dying and their stories with them. My friend spends an hour or two interviewing her great uncle who fought on D-day everytime she gets back to B’Ham. Must document that time period. Ok…done harping. Thanks for sharing Will.

  23. 323
    Steve Says:

    Yes, Will. That was terrific. And crazy (and by that, I mean your mom, not Lowe’s house).

  24. 324
    Steve Says:

    Taking my son to the Rick Riordan (the Percy Jackson and the Olympians author) book signing at Emory tonight. Will only catch the game via my blackberry. Which I think may be a good thing. I smell a vintage 5 earned run outing from Lowedemort tonight. Final score: 7 – 1 Phils.

  25. 325
    Mara Raincloud Says:

    Each gameday I look forward to the lineup. Like there’s gonna be something special about it. Something hopeful.

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