May 09, 2010

Show #106: The Braves’ Offensive Woes Continue

Should the Braves fire Terry Pendleton?  Wagner’s 400 saves.  McCann’s eyes.  And proposed lineup changes.



504 Responses to “Show #106: The Braves’ Offensive Woes Continue”

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  1. 1
    McOut Says:

    Great show guys. I have now watched a no hitter on tv and listened to one on the radio thanks to the Rays and Braves. I think the fire TP meter has to be at like 5 for the Braves. I just think there’s no way Bobby will let it happen. We go 3-3 on next stretch. H and H both win. Yovani Gallardo probably has a really good shot at throwing a no no on Wednesday. The Hamburglar will lose, as will KK. Both probably give up homers to KJ. We lose 2 to D’backs at home. I pray Heyward and Yunel are back soon.
    Proposed Lineup:
    1. Infante LF/IF
    2. Prado 2B
    3. Chipper 3B- He won’t be moved unless it’s his call….
    4. McCan’t C- If he can see…….
    5. Heyward RF- Best 5 since Justice
    6. Escobar SS- If people pitch around Heyward it will motivate Yunel to burn ‘em.
    7. Glaus 1B- Mr. Singles gets more RBI opportunities here
    8. McOut/Schafer CF- whenever Schafer is ready it’s his. McOut is annoying. SWING DUFUS!
    9. P- No way Bobby Cox goes against the book and bats a pitcher 9

    *What’s the word on Freeman. Can he play 3rd. I feel like even if he is called up to play off our bench and spot start it could be good for him. When he’s ready. Obviously if he still needs as many ABs as possible he should stay in AAA. I heard he’s been hurt, though. I think we’ll see him in ATL by end of Summer. Maybe sooner rather than later if Glaus starts hitting .190 again…..

  2. 2
    McOut Says:

    I would consider flip flopping McCan’t C and Heyward in above lineup. Heyward would be nice protection for Chipper Dorn… if he’s healthy. I would like to see the KK and Medlen swap soon, maybe even this week. I also wouldn’t mind seeing what one of our high minors guys could do in a start, and maybe stick the Hamburglar in the pen. Maybe they should send the Hamburglar to a sports psychiatrist like they did with Smoltzie. They could probably find a Japanese-speaking therapist for KK, too. Anything… I pretty much put them in the same category as Blow-Blow: guaranteed to lose if started.

  3. 3
    McOut Says:

    Did anybody see the look on KK’s face and his body language after his last inning? The guy looked completely defeated. I think he might be done in terms of confidence. He looked like he didn’t understand why he was still being sent out there by Cox. He had the same body language in his last AB, too. I just felt really sorry for the guy… Then I remembered that he is getting paid like 8 million and yelled,”Your supposed to be a Major Leaguer!” at the T.V. set. I’ve been yelling that a lot lately. I think my neighbors are concerned.

  4. 4
    Bubdylan Says:

    In response to the “maybe TP has been saying all the right things but they’re not listening,” I have to throw in Kelly Johnson again. Kelly did listen, and the advice was very public. The advice was also very bad, and wrecked his patience and rhythm.

    So, I think that in addition to losing the players’ respect, he’s also just bad.

    Re: McCann’s eyes, my right eye has been fuzzing over again. Major blurs this morning. With the baseball gods obviously messing with me as it is (screw the Rays), I swear McCann has this. Nothing from DOB in return, I’m gonna assume it’s the brush off.

    I can’t accept any knock on McCann’s character at this point, and shame on you for calling him selfish knowing only a handful of facts. He’s made a ton of responsible and wise decisions as a player here and has kept the best head on his shoulders in the whole dugout. If McCann actually does have O.R., it’s easy to understand why he didn’t know how to respond to this extemely disappointing development. It comes and it goes. It messes with your head. Can I see that straight? Seems like I can. No maybe that’s fuzzy. And you blink and it’s gone. Blink again and it’s back. Again, I don’t know that he has this, but it’s not black and white.

    Think of the extra work he’s done, how far he’s gone above and beyond to make improvements – while things were going WELL– AND while no contract decision is anywhere in site. Brian McCann trying to get through his baffling eye problem privately, even assuming it’s been an error in judgment, doesn’t merit that strong a language. Weight problem? Worked like hell on it. Defensive problems? Took yoga. Working his tail off. Eye trouble? TWO surgeries. No leadership from Chipper? Timid as he naturally is, he stepped up and gave the talks. Money? See Joe Mauer.

    He isn’t above criticism, but you guys unloaded some major barrels on the guy’s character, which isn’t deserved.

  5. 5
    Bubdylan Says:

    My Lineup:

    1. Chipper
    2. McLouth
    3. Melky
    4. Pitcher
    5. Diaz
    6. Conrad
    7. Glaus
    8. Hinske
    9. McCann

    Prado and Heyward need to be benched. Tired of all this “hope” sh*t every time they come up to bat. Every pitcher can’t be Jamie Moyer, and when they groove pitches at regular speed, no “trick speed,” if you’ve got Heyward or Prado up there, you can end up with runs. If they think we can sit on this early failure and be guaranteed the kind of laughable season that purges all the demons (and coaches) from this club, they’re crazy. Being a national joke takes concentration. Don’t let up now. Bench the rookie and the 2B before it’s too late.

    And quit taking chances with Kris Medlen. Far too strong a pitcher to be starting games. You can’t win a penant in May, but you can make it much harder to come in dead last. Call up Parr if you need to.

  6. 6
    Hamfounded Says:

    Bub- upon re-listening to the show – I agree, I was a little hard on McCann. The whole situation is just so frustrating. I think he has good character and is a hard worker, but I can’t believe he put the team’s fortune in jeopardy b/c he was hiding an injury. Certainly you can’t point to any one thing that is causing the atrocities that are happening day in and day out, but Heap’s pride is a part of the problem. I certainly wouldn’t say that he intentionally is sabotaging the Bravos, and his intent is to do the best for the ballclub. BUT the results are obvious. He should at least let the coaches know (if he didn’t already) – let them make the “best” decision for the team. Then again, maybe he doesn’t have faith that the coaches know what the best decision for the team is.

    I really can’t stomach another losing week. Please for the love of Nokahoma, at least split this week.

  7. 7
    Hamfounded Says:

    Also, Bub. Any way that you could start rooting for the Phillies? You seem to have a special touch. (twss)

  8. 8
    Steve Says:

    Regarding my unloading on McCann, I stand by it. His actions were indefensibly selfish and misguided as I see it. And, all the more upsetting and shocking exactly because of the things that Bub listed. He IS seemingly the best character/leader guy on the team. So how could he act in such a way? Honestly, I have no idea how it’s not a bigger story.

  9. 9
    Willhasnofancyniknamelikeyouseothersillys Says:

    The braves sux, Lowe sux, Chppr sux, McCann sux, TP sux, Bobby Sux, Lost sux, the economy sux. Still we tune in every day…

  10. 10
    Will Says:

    just watched Lost again, as promised…..good on the plot development, action sequences, etc…..(as i said the first time)… but goddd, i had to fast forward thru quite a bit…paaaainfully maudlin stuff. I may downgrade my rating. B-/C+. GO BRAVES!

  11. 11
    Mara Sadiehard Says:

    When I listened to the show I was right there with you guys on McCann. I was hurt by his negiligence. But when I read Bub’s slap on the wrist I can see his point also (I know, women). I just think it’s terribly sad that he HAD to go tell somebody. I mean what’s the difference in his day/night BA? .200? Really? I guess if they had ever experienced something like this in the past. Oh wait…THEY DID!!! We all knew he was struggling and we even suspected his eyes were the culprit before he started wearing the glasses again. How daft does a coaching staff have to be. Sure, I think he should have said something weeks ago. I’m sure he would say the same. Hind sight is 20/20.

    Good show! Tonight’s pitcher for the Brewers has a 8+ ERA. Something good will come of tonight’s game. We’ll win or we’ll fix him.

  12. 12
    Mara Sadiehard Says:

    And…Will, you’re wrong. :)

  13. 13
    Steve Says:

    Mara – it’s a good point about the coaching staff. How does no one on the staff ask McCann about his eyes, given the past history? I don’t think it removes any of the culpability from McCann, but it is unthinkably crazy on the coaching staff’s part.

  14. 14
    McOut Says:

    I agree about McCann. Somebody should have known this was going on, or he should have let them know. This is the second year in a row a player has played hurt and ineffectively for a long stretch of time, and everyone’s acted liked no one knew about it: Schafer ’09, McCann ’10. It’s either idiocy on the part of the player or the manager and other coaches. Either way the Braves management looks like they don’t know how to run a team anymore. I don’t get the Kimbrel call up over Dunn, unless Dunn is hurt. I don’t understand how Conrad made the team over Thurston out of Spring, Thurston was hitting like .300 at the time while Conrad only .200, and one could argue Thurston is a better defensive player. Jo-Jo’s continued presence on the team out of Spring is moronic at best. Can anyone remember the last time that guy looked good in an appearance. I am of the mind that Hansom should have began the year in Atlanta last year, as was proven by his rapid success when he got here. When he came up he immediately became our most reliable starter behind Javy and JJ. It was obvious he was better than Lowe and KK. I really don’t think the brain trusts of the organization, in the front office and the dugout, have a firm grasp on who is on their team and what they are capable of… Adroys Vizcaino better be the next Tommy Hanson for the Vazquez trade to make sense. ragardless of what Javy is doing now, he was coming of a great year. We traded our best starter for the Yankees 7th or 8th best hitter. I just don’t understand how this team is run anymore. I will be even more baffled if JJ comes back and Medlen is moved back to the pen instead of KK making the obvious move to the pen. The Hamburglar deal is appearing to be worse than the Hampton deal with each start. At least Hampton gave us a chance to win when he actually played. I wish the Hamburglar would do the honorable thing and fake injury for the rest of the year.

  15. 15
    Bubdylan Says:

    Again, I’m not thrilled with McCann’s choice, I’m just amazed at the willingness to turn to this tone on the guy after the rare personal qualities he’s displayed as a ballplayer. Chalking it up to arrogance and pride when none of his other actions as a Brave fit that bill is rash. I’ve never been embarassed to think of any player we’ve taken to task hearing the podcast before. But I’d hate for McCann to hear such a what-have-you-done-for-me-lately attack on his character at the first evidence that he’s ever done anything this wrongheaded after such a stand-out track record.

    If you feel it’s “indefensibly selfish,” in the light of the two surgeries, the culture of this game, the pressure on his shoulders, and against the backdrop of his flawless character up till this point, you ought to at least frame your criticism with a few disclaimers. If you can’t listen to that podcast and pick up a certain wrongness to the attack, maybe I’m just being too sensitive. But I’ve never heard a ballplayer taken to task, in print or otherwise, and taken the side of the player. And I don’t have any can’t-do-wrong feelings on McCann (hate the way he dodges blocking the plate, by the way.) So, for the first time I find myself entirely uncomfortable with the way a criticism was handled. I can’t help thinking you got carried away in your frustration.

    What a great and valuable player, and all time rarity, character-wise, on the verge of possibly losing his brilliant career before it could blossom, to have such quick and uncareful words added to troubles. All his hopes and dreams as a ballplayer are possibly unravelling, all his aspirations threatened by some eye problem that won’t go away. Can you imagine the sinking feeling? He doesn’t even know what’s going on with it. When my O.R. was at its worst, I thought I was going blind, the progress was so rapid and erratic. It could be a perfect nightmare. (And it could also not be. He might not have these feelings at all. But have you considered it? It’s part of the big pile of facts we don’t know, isn’t it?)

    Add to this that he’s been in constant communication with his eye-doctor. He hasn’t been ignoring it. He’s been trying to address it privately. So, the question isn’t how much better he could have been playing if he’d told Bobby Cox’s confused old ass about it. He told his doctor about it. That’s how you get a medical problem fixed.

    The question is how much better Ross could have helped the team. Probably significantly better. And that’s why I agree it was a mistake.

    But, man what a forgivable mistake, from where I stand. And at least a mistake that should be surrounded by recognition of his outstanding character if its going to hit the airwaves. Not framed by a tone as acerbic as DOB bloggers (and most of even those guys give McCann the benefit of the doubt here, if that tells you anything.) Not on a show as classy as this one. Not in my opinion. But I don’t expect you to agree and I respect your stance. McCann’s not made of putty, I’m sure he can take it.

  16. 16
    Bubdylan Says:

    lol, I’m sort of laughing at myself reading back over my post. I’ve unloaded on enough players without thinking twice. Maybe I do just love McCann. Oh well.

    It’s a nice speech, though, isn’t it? I thought I heard “Glory Hallelujah” while I was reading it.

  17. 17
    Bubdylan Says:

    I listened again, and the “beyond that he hasn’t gotten enough credit” remark does qualify as a disclaimer like I was asking for. Beyond that, I’m more infuriated than before.

    It’s just wow, think of some of those barbs directed at you?

    “I’m blind in one eye, but I didn’t want to bring it up…” Damn.

    “I guess he thinks he’s being stoic…” Is that merited? Crap on that, man. That’s mocking him. How does Brain McCann deserve that?

    And imagine somebody reading your quotes in print with the mocking tone Steve gave to McCann’s “voice.” No, man. Over the line, to me.

    You guys honestly act like this is some kind of complete fall from grace or something. His eye is frigged up and he doesn’t know how to handle it. Ridiculous.

  18. 18
    Mara Sadiehard Says:

    OK PEOPLE! We’re all a little frustrated. One of the reasons I love this forum is because we all care…even when we don’t want to. We can’t help it. One of the reasons I love the podcast week after week is it feels like three friends getting together to talk about baseball and I just get to sit in and listen and learn. I don’t have friends (besides all of you) who care a frickity frick about baseball much less the Braves. When the hosts get together I’m sure being sensitive to a player isn’t on the formost part of their temporal lobe. Especially when we are all clearly sad, disheartened, frustrated…fill in the (blank) preferrably using a really bad dirty word. No, we don’t know what McCann’s been through over the last few weeks and I’m sure it’s been difficult. That difficulty no doubt was heightened by a lack of confidence in the coaching staff. Maybe he thought to himself, “self, why the hell should I tell those guys. So bobby can make me bat leadoff?” Bubalicious, I’m not saying you don’t have a point and Hammy already apologized. I think we can all agree that post #5 is damn funny.

    Now everybody go to your rooms!!!!!

  19. 19
    Bubdylan Says:

    “I’m not saying you don’t have a point and Hammy already apologized.”

    I’m not asking anybody for an apology. They gave their opinion and I commented on it in the comments section. Steve stood by his stance. I re-listened to the podcast and said more.

    I’ll let it go. I’m not trying to start a big thing. I just felt compelled to defend McCann a bit, admitting I’m being overly sensitive (and hyporcritical) in doing so. It’s not like I’ve done this ever before or am likely to do it again.

  20. 20
    Bubdylan Says:

    “When the hosts get together I’m sure being sensitive to a player isn’t on the formost part of their temporal lobe.”

    And for the first time, that approach got to me a little. That’s all.

  21. 21
    McOut Says:

    I love McCann, too, Bub, in the same awkward way I love Chipper Dorn and Hanson. That’s why I get frustrated with Chipper and Mac. I will stop calling him Mc Can’t from now on; however, I think Hamburglar is up there with Kung Foo Panda in terms of nicknames for ballplayers, and who can resist calling McClouth McOut?
    Anyway, I think we all expect so much out of B-Mac, and when revelations about his half-blindedness are coupled with his struggles, then it makes it easy to attack him. He is so crucial to this team’s success. They proved last year that they can win while not having Chipper Dorn in full form. They look like a really bad team with a struggling/hurt Escobar, 1/2 blind McCann, hurt J-Hey, and hurt JJ. We can’t really be that surprised that they’re struggling without all of those guys. We can be frustrated with Cox’s lineup moves, though. Not playing Hinske yesterday is clear evidence of his ineptitude. The best Braves teams were always the ones that Bobby could just sit back and watch and not tinker with. How does Conrad get a start off the bench in front of Hinske? I would say starting Diaz or Melky over Hinske is also a mistake. In fairness to Wren, when he acquired Melky he said the guy would be a good 4th outfielder. He never said everyday outfielder, which is what Cox thinks he is for some reason unbeknownst to any rational human being. We got Doug Davis tonight, who is a lefty with a very high ERA. I am worried…
    My Lineup:
    1. Infante SS
    2. Prado 2B
    3. Dorn 3B- If he can play
    4. Glaus 1B
    5. McCann C- I wonder if we might see Ross, though.
    6. Hinske LF- confident he can hit a lefty better than any OFer not named Heyward
    7. Diaz RF- Why Not? Gotta figure he’s due to crush a lefty.
    8. McLouth CF- We will need his glove in this series
    9. Big Red P

    *In fairness to Bobby, trying to make a good lineup out of what we have available is difficult. In fairness to Yunel, Melky needs to be benched for his boneheadedness.

  22. 22
    McOut Says:

    Using the same lineup in Friday’s debacle that you used in Thursday’s debacle is pretty bad, too. We wouldn’t have even scored Thursday were in not for Zimmerman’s defense, which somehow really impressed Cox based on his post-game quotes. Cox’s final season is starting to remind me a lot of Bobby Bowden’s final season at FSU. His last four or five years are also reminiscent of Fulmer’s last years at UT. All three had a lot of questionable coaching decisions and a lot of post-game interviews that left you scratching your head saying, “Huh, what game was he watching?” and “Does this guy know what he’s doing?”

  23. 23
    Bubdylan Says:

    McOut, if you’d been longer, you would really see how willing I am to mock players myself. It’s a complete joke that I’m taking this motherly stance with McCann. Can’t excuse or explain it. McCann, to me, just really is that rare and special personality that deserves extreme care by the fans.

    But hell, I don’t know him except from interviews. As Black Francis said, “I’m an idoloter to the t*ts.” I demonize with my left hand and hero-worship with my right. So, just ignore me. :)

    That goes for everyone. Damn team has me in fulltime freak out mode.

  24. 24
    Hamfounded Says:

    Don’t apologize, Bub. It is good dialogue. I think we are all there with you (the fulltime freak out mode). At least it shows we still care.

  25. 25
    McOut Says:

    Bub, I hear ya’. I find mocking them is a cathartic process by which I accept them for how bad they truly are. Thus, I use McOut, McCan’t, Melk-Dud, Mr. Singles, Hamburglar, and Dorn, Larry, Limper or Lipper for Chipper. A name for KK is still in the works. I frequently, out of lack of my own creativity, absorb good nicknames I’ve stumbled upon through reading funny blogs on how bad the team really is. I respect your motherly stance, though. BMac is a four time All-Star.

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