May 09, 2010

Show #106: The Braves’ Offensive Woes Continue

Should the Braves fire Terry Pendleton?  Wagner’s 400 saves.  McCann’s eyes.  And proposed lineup changes.



504 Responses to “Show #106: The Braves’ Offensive Woes Continue”

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  1. 351
    Mara Sadiehard Says:

    I would LOVE to see a pic of that.

  2. 352
    Tcc Says:

    Finally listened to the show tonight. It was easier to listen to after the Braves swept the Brewers! Now with AZ coming to town it would be fantastic to win 2/3. I agree that TP should go if only as a statement that “we see a problem and we’re working on it” as opposed to maintaining the status quo. Won’t happen of course because the bats came alive against the Brews. Catch 22. And speaking of lineups, how about JH in the 3rd spot!! Nothing succeeds like success!

    Curt, was it you that said you wouldn’t want Eddie Perez as the next mgr? True, he has no MLB experience, though he has been managing in the off season. I just like his personality and think he would continue Bobby’s legacy as a “players” mgr. A guy that would keep the team loose. What issues do you have?

    Thanks again to ABT for the show.

  3. 353
    Bubdylan Says:

    ” he would continue Bobby’s legacy as a “players” mgr. A guy that would keep the team loose. What issues do you have?”

    I can’t speak for Curt, but for me, the answer’s in the question. I’m ready for a tougher skipper. If we’re going sans experience, give me Tom Glavine.

  4. 354
    Curthlic Says:

    And I’m with Bub. I have come to hate the term ‘player’s coach.’ To me that translates to a team with no discipline. And personally, I want an end to all things Bobby. None of the current coaches, no disciples. Something completely new.

    But if there were a coach on the staff I would pick right now, I think I would go with McDowell.

  5. 355
    Tcc Says:

    So maybe there’s something to the resolution of “issues” between Braves Mgt and Glavine, with a deal to become Manager? I don’t buy it, but it’s possible. McDowell..I don’t disagree but I don’t see it happening either. Would they go outside the organization?

  6. 356
    Tcc Says:

    Boston answering the Cavs. They look cool, and as time goes by Cleveland will only get more desparate. What will Lebron do?

  7. 357
    Bubdylan Says:

    Tcc, I think you’re asking a very interesting question. For me, Wren’s effectiveness as a GM will largely tilt on this issue. He’s made mostly good decisions. A couple of goofy ones. And even though I took Wren’s side on both the Glavine and Smoltz debacle, I don’t think anyone would argue that he couldn’t be more respectful of players.

    But if Wren’s icy nature pays off in an outside hire for manager, some one who will come in and takes charge, I’ll be pretty happy with him. I would like someone both tough and satistic-savvy. Somebody that knows when a player breaks the lefty-righty trends, etc. But I’d settle for stat-savvy OR tough. Just, please don’t give me another manager that’s neither.

    And if whoever it is moves Chipper Jones down to 7th in the line up (if he doesn’t improve), Wren will be the GM of the epoch.

    Go Braves.

    (And Celtics.)

  8. 358
    Curt Says:

    I might be wrong, but no way in hell is Glavine the next manager of this team. I don’t see that in any cards anywhere. I’m not sure he wants that job. I’m not sure the team is looking at him.

    Needless to say, this will be a massive hire. Deep down I have a fear that the Braves do the easy, careful thing and hire Eddie. To say I would be disappointed with that move would be putting it lightly. He’s not a demonstrative guy. He seems very close with the players and more of a peer than a coach. I don’t want to go from grand dad to buddy buddy.

  9. 359
    Bubdylan Says:

    That dyed blonde lady doing the post game interview with KG; I’m glad to see her there. I wondered, when all these magazine cover women started taking the mic for ESPN, if they’d keep them around when they aged or hire women as unperfect as their men reporters.

    I mean, she’s attractive, but more “faded rose” than these bombshells that’ve been flooding the scene. Restores a little faith in humanity, I guess, but I still like the dudes better for the most part when it comes to sports broadcasting and analysis, except for a couple of them that seem as genuinely versed as the guys.

  10. 360
    Mara Sadiehard Says:

    That is one dicey comment. Don’t get me wrong…I agree 100% but…risky.

  11. 361
    Bubdylan Says:

    Looking back over it, I’m not sure I was clear. Lemme make sure:

    1. I like the unperfect blonde lady because I don’t like the job turning into a sideshow of hot (only) women.

    2. I generally like the guys better, especially doing play by play. Men’s voices have an easier time being strong (read: clear, easy to understand during a fast play-call) without being shrill. Between the men and women I see doing sports, the men also do, I’m sorry to say, seem more comfortable and qualified. They navigate the topics better. There are a couple of exceptions. The black lady for – can’t think of which netword – with the raspy voice seems completely on top of it.

    I just would like to think that if they’re going to open those jobs up to women, they’d get the voices, brains, and charismas equal to the job, and not just the closest they can come to that from a line-up of models.

  12. 362
    Bubdylan Says:

    *netword = network

  13. 363
    Bubdylan Says:

    Curt, I doubt Glavine would be considered. He did manage a half inning for the Braves, though. Was it ’08? The team was having a hard time scoring and he turned it over to Tommy for a half inning. The Braves scored. Do y’all remember?

  14. 364
    Curt Says:

    I don’t.

    In other news, Ned Yost just got made the manager of the Royals today.

  15. 365
    McOut Says:

    Late night post: I would like to see them go outside the organization. Are there clauses that keep them form going after a manager currently under contract somewhere else. If not, then I would go after Joe Maddon. The Rays are about to break up the band due to financial issues, and I think he is unhappy with the level of disinterest in the Rays in Tampa. They have a great team, but the fans don’t act like it. I would also do whatever it takes- offer more money than the Yankees- to sign Carl Crawford. He is a better LF/leadoff option than anyone currently in the Braves organization. IMO, Crawford would be more valuable to the Braves than Werth. If they can’t steal the Ray’s thunder, then I would go after Fredi Gonzalez. The Marlins like Fredi now, but if they finish in last, then he might get canned. No Ned Yost. Please God no Eddie. What about Torre? If things go bad in LA, then he might be looking for new work. I think the Braves are going to have a good pool of candidates to choose from. When you look at the team’s assets- good young players- there’s a lot to appeal to any coach.

  16. 366
    Anne Says:

    I can barely read, as I’ve said before…so I’m not caught up to comments of late – if someone has said this already, I apologize. Just saw that the Diamondbacks are in the midst of a six-game losing streak. We MUST help them keep this streak alive. My new ABT shirt is out and ready to go to the game. Go Braves!!

  17. 367
    Anne Says:

    Ahhh, crap. Steve said it already, post 341. Well, it was worth repeating.

  18. 368
    Curt Says:

    McOut, as far as I know, if a guy is under contract you can’t go after him, unless that team gives you the go-ahead to speak with him. I think you get into tampering if you approach a guy still under contract.

    Carl Crawford would be a great addition to this team, but what is the allure of the Braves right now? My point is that it used to be that simply having the opportunity to play for the Braves was worth several million dollars in and of itself. You knew you were making the playoffs and playing for one of the best teams in baseball. Now, you simply aren’t. Plus, Bobby is retiring, which was another big draw for players. So I think you have guys who now flirt with Atlanta just to squeeze more money out of other teams. See – Tex, Burnett, Damon, Griffey Jr, whoever. They offered Tex a ton of money and he turned it down. Over $100 million. And you end up having to overpay for guys like the nameless one and KK to bring them in.

    If the Marlins don’t make a serious push toward the playoffs I think Fredi is gone. They move into their new stadium soon and they will want it to be with a fresh start if he can’t get them rolling. Where has a Bobby Cox disciple proven to be the guy? Jimy Williams, Grady Little, Yost, Gonzalez, all these guys have had some success, but nothing grand enough to make me believe we should go that route. I would love Joe Torre back here. I’ve said it before. There is no doubt that this team has a bright future with all their young talent. They key is finding the guy to harness it all. I just still have the vision of Eddie Perez sitting in the dugout next season with virtually the same coaching staff intact. He would be cheap and easy.

  19. 369
    Mara Sadiehard Says:

    ” He would be cheap and easy.”. twss

  20. 370
    Mara Sadiehard Says:

    Today’s lineup will be very telling…I’m nervous. Did BC learn a thing from the Brewers sweep? Btw Brewers is fun to type on an iPhone. So is werth. Cold meeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhddddddsssss…

  21. 371
    McOut Says:

    Curt, I agree about the Braves inability to lure big talent to Atlanta. When they used to go far in the postseason, there seemed to always be a big offseason addition. I think they could get Werth or Crwaford because the Yankees won’t sign both. I see them going after Crawford more, though, just because of what he gives a team. I just think with Wags retiring, that number 13 is going to need a new owner next year.
    Wren has to outbid the Yankees and the Red Sox for those players, which I don’t know that he’s actually outbid anyone for any of those players we missed out on. He seems to want the opportunity to counter-offer on guys, and it never happens. Let’s be honest, you get an offer from the Braves and it’s decent. Then the Red Sox or Yankees offer you a little more. Who do you sign with? Crawford is a real All-Star, unlike McOut, and you’ve got to throw the big cheese at him. He’s best friends with Sabbathia, which is a BIG reason he probably ends up a Yankee. Werth would be a nice consolation prize, though. I don’t know that the Yankees could add Crawford, Cliff Lee, and Werth in the same offseason given what they already pay for their current roster. If they do, then baseball is completely warped. If the Braves don’t get either Crawford or Werth, then I really question Wren’s effectiveness as a GM. You have to be able to compete with the Yankees and Red Sox in the offseason if you want to face them in the postseason.
    The Braves need another OF bat, and two big ones will be in the market next year. The Braves might be a tough sell to those players for Wren, but it’s still a sell he has to make as the GM. I guess it’s pretty obvious that when I watch the Rays I fantasize about Maddon and Crawford wearing Braves uniforms. I guess it’s only in my dreams. It’s amazing what a good coach and leadoff hitter can do for a team.

  22. 372
    McOut Says:

    I do realize Crawford usually bats second for the Ray’s, but I think he would be the leadoff hitter were he on the Braves. Until Schafer actually produces at the Major League level, I don’t believe he can bat leadoff for a playoff team. I understand the kid was hurt last year, but he really has proved nothing at the plate. People seem to be think Schafer is the next big thing, and I just don’t buy it.

  23. 373
    McOut Says:

    Pretty excited to see Celtics vs. Magic rather than LeBron vs Magic. LeBron put up a triple double on the road and the Cavs still couldn’t win. The Celtics and Magic are both really good TEAMS and don’t rely on one player.

  24. 374
    McOut Says:

    we face a righty tonight:
    1. Prado
    2. Heyward
    3. Chipper
    4. Glaus
    5. McCann
    6. Hinske
    7. Infante
    8. McOut
    9. P
    *We almost saw this lineup Tuesday, but guess who was too hurt to play? Let’s see if Bobby still remembers Hinske is on the team after an off-day. If Melky plays Bobby might make this grown man cry.

  25. 375
    Curt Says:

    There was a joke in Chicago when Kerry Wood first came up and was blowing doors that went something like “Kerry Wood, the next great Braves starting pitcher.”. I don’t think people make those jokes and refer to the Braves anymore.

    I just thought this would be the year they made a splash. If it comes in 2011, so be it. JUST DO SOMETHING.

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