May 09, 2010

Show #106: The Braves’ Offensive Woes Continue

Should the Braves fire Terry Pendleton?  Wagner’s 400 saves.  McCann’s eyes.  And proposed lineup changes.



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  1. 451
    Mara answers the call Says:

    “I’m bailin on my life
    Cause I’m wailing on my life
    So please just gimme a kiss
    Well I know you’re waiting for a ring
    Ease up little lady, see, I’m not promising anything”

    Not the way the Rev won my heart.

  2. 452
    Mara answers the call Says:

    Chipper should be riding the pine today instead of Infante. Glad Hinske’s starting and glad Heyward’s in the 2 hole.

  3. 453
    Anne Says:

    Headed to The Ted. No whammies, no whammies, no whammies. Go, Braves!

  4. 454
    McOut Says:

    Bummed-out to see Infante out of the lineup. Fired-up about Big Red pitching tonight. GO BRAVES! .500, let’s get it!

  5. 455
    Anne Says:

    Hello from The Ted. Three little boys in front of me – I’ll have to watch my language. This promises to be awesome.

  6. 456
    Mara answers the call Says:

    Anne, don’t watch your language. It’s good to teach ‘em while their young.

  7. 457
    McOut Says:

    I guess Kimbrel is the new Mark Wohlers.

  8. 458
    Mara answers the call Says:

    I liked last night better.

  9. 459
    Mara answers the call Says:

    Anne, I always try to find you on TV. Can you please take part in some obnoxious behavior so I may spot you?

  10. 460
    McOut Says:

    I know Kimbrel only gave up one run, but he had a strike/ball ratio of 2/3. He didn’t look good in Philadelphia either. Is there really no one with control in the minors that can take this kid’s place.

  11. 461
    McOut Says:

    This game is pretty disappointing. They’re not playing well at all. I don’t know if they’re tired or what. They had an off day Thursday, and this is one of the worst teams in baseball.

  12. 462
    Mara's Main Squeeze Says:

    yeah…I’m with McOut. I say re-sit Escobar and bring in Infante.

  13. 463
    McOut Says:

    Rodrigo Lopez- Another pitcher I’ve never heard, whom the Braves made look like an ace.
    Cox postgame: “Lopez was outstanding tonight. We had some bad breaks. Hit the ball on the nose but right at ‘em.” “Tommy pitched well. We just had some bad luck with some balls dropping in holes.”

  14. 464
    Mara Says:

    When was I Mara’s Main Squeeze and why? I haven’t been able to log on to ABT on this computer in for-e-ver.

  15. 465
    McOut Says:

    Kelly Johnson is crushing the Braves.

  16. 466
    McOut Says:

    Jesse Chavez is awful. The Rays definitely got the better end of that deal. Soriano has been shaky, but he is definitely better than Jesse Chavez. I guess Bobby thought 5-1 was insurmountable. That’s the only reason to explain Kimbrel and Chavez pitching. I’m pretty sure Moylan didn’t pitch last night.

  17. 467
    Mara Says:


  18. 468
    McOut Says:

    Wow, Anne, I’m sorry you had to be there for that.

  19. 469
    Anne Says:

    Thanks, McOut. On the bright side, I left when we were only losing 5-1.

    Leah…I mean, Mara – every obnoxious behavior I think of would lose me my seats!

  20. 470
    Anne Says:

    Oh, and Matty and his thumb make me sad. In a kind of McCann sad way. The press release reads like he could have taken care of the problem in the off season. Sounded horribly familiar.

  21. 471
    Mara answers the call Says:

    Do any of the players care about this team? Jeesh! Anne, could you wear a funny hat? Something tall and bright.

  22. 472
    Mara answers the call Says:

    Bub. Dyl. An. Are you watching stone #2 again this evening? She was jipped by the way. She was way more convncing than stone #1. Seriously, very cute pic

  23. 473
    Curt Says:

    Iron Man 2, not as good as the first, but very entertaining.

  24. 474
    Will Says:

    Curt – the illustrious newspaper which i still habitually take since it was the only thing in English 20 years ago when I first came here…and now which we normally line our puppy’s pee area… is the Japan Times.

    Page 16, or page 2 of sports says “Hawks fire Woodson”.

    So sorry for your loss.

  25. 475
    Curt Says:

    HA. Addition by subtraction Will-san

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