May 16, 2010

Show #107: The Braves’ Bats Wake Up

Chipper and retirement.  Firing TP, take two.  Lowe’s new pitching approach.  And the resurgence of Troy Glaus.



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  1. 1
    Mara answers the call Says:

    Good show. Chipper should be PH. Conrad is WAY better fielding at Third and makes plays Chipper just cannot make anymore. He can earn his keep by being the face of the Braves and advisor of the youngsters. It’s like at the family reunion when great grandpa wakes up from his nap and reads, scratch that, tells the kids a story and then goes back to bed. That’s Chipper…he’s grandpa.

    I’m excited to see if our bats show up tonight and if Lowedemort can impliment his brilliance into his pitching. GO BRAVES!

  2. 2
    Bubdylan Says:

    I hate that we get to the point with our icons where all we can do is hope they contribute some because moving them down in the order, benching them, or any other logical move is blocked by their 10-ton egos. I couldn’t believe it when it happened with Jamie Moyer last year. The gentlest gentleman of the game, at age 46 (then), stinking up the rotation for the defending world champs, and even he had to pitch a fit about feeling “betrayed” when he was asked to step aside. Honestly, that’s the most I’ve ever been shocked by a player ego.

    I understand the temptation to feel you still have it in the face of all the evidence. But how can these guys watch it happen over and over again, and see how foolish it looks with other players, and not resolve themselves to avoid that kind of ending at all costs? They like fame, right? They like the roar of the crowd, don’t they? What about the fame that comes with being revered as classy by your fans? Can you imagine how loved Chipper Jones would be if he was saying, right now, “I’ll play any role that is helpful for the team. Bat me 8th, 9th, off the bench, wherever. The way Conrad is flashing the leather, the team needs him until his bat cools.” It would be off the charts. He’d be on the front of ESPN, S.I. for it. “A Different Kind of Player.” “The Toast of the Town.”

    But instead, he’s got to join the uber-long rank and file of every other waning pro baseball player on the planet. Thinks he’s still got more in the tank than he does. Puts the fans and the manager in a tough spot. Just can’t stomach the obvious. A long and brilliant career just isn’t enough to satisfy.

    Well, I hope he produces, because he’s obviously going to be in there.

    Good show.

  3. 3
    Steve Says:

    I realize I did this a while back, but this time is for real …

    ABT Get Together at the Ted is happening!, June 1st (3 weeks and 1 day). It’s a 7:10 start against the Phillies. I know that the Princess, Anne, Curt and I will be attending. Anyone else going to join us? Please send me a note at so that we can finish up all the planning via email. Thanks.

  4. 4
    Mara answers the call Says:

    WAHOOO! I’ll be wearing my fantastic ABT t-shirt that I love and everyone should have. If you had one you’d love it too!

    I should write commercials.

  5. 5
    McOut Says:

    I think Infante should play 2nd and Prado 3rd. Chipper is now the weak point in our lineup. Escobar should be allowed time to get it together. I think that management really does view Yunel as the starting SS for the next 5 or more years. That, to me, is the reason they dealt Renteria. Yunel is off to a bad start, and he is getting berated by fans because he does play with a lackadaisical approach 50% of the time. To me, he is the ultimate example of Braves coaches not being able to reach a player with a lot of talent. From the first time he started playing, I think it was 2007, I thought he had potential to be a super star. Something has gone wrong. I blame the coaches, not the guy who escaped Cuba on a raft. I don’t know how they expect to develop raw talent like that Salcedo kid they signed over the winter when they have obviously floundered in Escobar’s development. Escobar will be a great player, but it might have to be with another team. He was our best player last year, and now no one seems to want him on the team. Why is that? He is not the only guy making base running errors or other mental errors. Chipper and Infante have both been picked off second to kill innings this year. Melky forgot to throw to the plate. I’m sure we can come up with a laundry list of fundamental baseball mistakes the Braves have made in under 40 games. It just seems like when Yunel does it he gets more criticism. I don’t get it. I think if the Braves make the playoffs Yunel will be a key figure in them getting there. If you get rid of him and start Infante, then the whole team is weaker. Infante needs to be a fill-in guy. Eventually Chipper is going to get hurt, and Infante will be starting again. I also wouldn’t be surprised to see a LF platoon of Hinske/Infante. Melky blows and deserves no more starts. Tim Hudson would be a better option to play OF than Melky. Hudson did play OF at Auburn. Did anyone notice how freely the D’Backs were running on BMac this weekend? They are one of the worst running teams in the league, but they didn’t hesitate to run on the Braves with McCann back there. Nobody got on yesterday, so we don’t know if the same would be true for Ross. When the Rays play the Braves in June, they might set a record for SBs in a game.

  6. 6
    McOut Says:

    Yunel didn’t play for like 2 weeks, and I think he still got more hits than Chipper this weekend. Could be wrong on that, but I don’t remember Chipper getting a hit Saturday or Sunday. I don’t care if he hit the ball hard. I’m pretty sure an out is an out. Yunel can get walks too, so can a lot of Major Leaguers other than Chipper Jones. The walk has become the new double for the Braves. No wonder they suck at scoring runs when they don’t play the awful teams. All those walks and singles don’t really amount to much.

  7. 7
    Steve Says:

    “Melky blows and deserves no more starts.” Agreed.

    “When the Rays play the Braves in June, they might set a record for SBs in a game.” Unfortunately, agreed as well. I hadn’t thought about it, but it could be really, really ugly.

  8. 8
    Curt Says:

    McOut, in no way am I singling Escobar out more than anyone else. In the past, I have defended him to great length. I think he is pivotal to this whole operation, in fact I think the first question that needs to be asked to anyone they consider hiring for this managerial job is ‘how do you handle Escobar?’ I was amazed that they were talking about trading him in the Peavy deal.

    I just think that if he is not producing right now we need to see more of Infante. He should be sat the same as Chipper or any other guy out there not pulling his weight.

  9. 9
    Ham Says:

    Let’s face it – BC is not a fundamentals type of coach. He doesn’t hammer it home and he doesn’t berate. He essentially expects you to show up and do your job, and if you are a major league player, you should know how to do that. That’s why we all found his public “coaching” of the Kid so unsettling a few weeks back. It is just not like him. But, McOut, like you say (and like Curt has been saying for some time), this team is lousy with evidence of the lack of fundamentals. And I don’t think there is anyone on the team that holds everyone to a higher standard. It will be very interesting to see how the regime changes things next year.

  10. 10
    Mara answers the call Says:

    I missed the memo on how Diaz got wood in his hand (not…oh you know what I mean). Does anyone know the story? Was that something that happened in the offseason?

  11. 11
    McOut Says:

    Curt, fair enough. I think I got defensive of Yunel in the same way Bub did for McCann last week. Agreed about the new coaching staff next year. I think the Braves should look into hiring a latino head coach, especially given the fact that most of their young prospects are from spanish-speaking countries. Maybe Ozzie Guillen gets fired? He might not be a great fit for a team in a largely-conservative community, but a guy like Ozzie won’t put up with Yunel’s crap. He would also be able to communicate that to Yunel first-hand. Has Omar Vizquel retired yet? I don’t think so, but he’s gotta be close. It doesn’t have to be Omar, but a guy like him would be best. Speaks spanish fluently if not as first language, relatively young, and a guy who is impeccable with fundamentals. IMO, the ability to speak spanish is a must for any major league manager these days. That’s also why I fear Eddie Perez might be the inevitable worst hire in Atlanta sports history, which says a lot.

  12. 12
    Mara answers the call Says:

    Congrats to Marteeeen for NL player of the week. You da man Meadow!

  13. 13
    McOut Says:

    Agreed about Bobby, he expects major leaguers to play like major leaguers, but that isn’t necessarily going to happen when most of your players are closer to 25 than 35.

  14. 14
    McOut Says:

    Way to go Marteeeeeeen. Same lineup for Braves.

  15. 15
    McOut Says:

    Bobby obviously doesn’t read blogs if he asked why no one had suggested starting Hinske sooner…. How Bobby didn’t think of it sooner is still the better question, as you guys aptly pointed out in the show. I think it might have been Steve on that one. BTW, great show! I was too busy defending Yunel to say it sooner.

  16. 16
    Wade Says:

    Quick question- -I can’t see the newest show on Itunes? Has it not been uploaded yet?

  17. 17
    Mara answers the call Says:

    Weird (or wierd? neither looks correct)…I cannot pull it up on iTunes either.

  18. 18
    Mara answers the call Says:

    Playball! Anybody else watching or am I gonna be talking to myself?

  19. 19
    Mara answers the call Says:

    hah…their CF’s BA looks alot like McClouth’s.

  20. 20
    Mara answers the call Says:

    Lowedemort strikes again.

  21. 21
    Curt Says:

    that was quick

  22. 22
    McOut Says:

    Hamburglar: worst FA signing EVER! This guy SUCKS!

  23. 23
    Mara answers the call Says:

    O Infante, how we miss you.

  24. 24
    McOut Says:

    Where was that pitching last inning?

  25. 25
    McOut Says:

    I bet McOut is glad Hudson’s not pitching, at least his batting average is higher than our SP’s today.

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