May 23, 2010

Show #108: The Braves Keep Winning

The Comeback.  What to do with Medlen?  Tracking Chipper’s progress.  And a state of the team discussion.



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  1. 226
    McOut Says:

    Good Lord, we have a Jesse Chavez warm-up sighting. Thank God we’re up by 4. This Meyer guy, who has looked absolutely terrible last night and tonight, is one of the 3 no-names JS traded to get Hudson. I’d say that deal worked out pretty good for the Braves.

  2. 227
    Anne Says:

    NICE game last night. I haven’t caught up on posts, so I might be twice-repeating myself…apologies ahead of time:

    Steve called 2 outta 3 from The Fish – I heard it. Nice call, Steve.

    A baseball fan friend of mine sent me an article about this summer’s Cooperstown presentations and John Fogerty’s “Centerfield.” Enjoy.

  3. 228
    Curt Says:

    I hope Tim Hudson let all the air out of the crew chief’s tires last night. if they had lost that game because of the bottom of the 4th it would have been a disgrace. It wasn’t even like they were getting a full game in.

  4. 229
    Steve Says:

    McOut – yeah, the 3 lefties in the PITT series is not the greatest news, but I’m very, very heartened by this series with the Marlins. Not Chipper so much (although last night was certainly good to see) but more with two consecutive good nights from Esco and the continued resurgence of Melky. Little to no Hinske this weekend probably, but we scored 15 runs the past two games without the benefit of a single Hinske hit.

  5. 230
    Steve Says:

    If Bobby does sit Hinske, I want a big dose of Infante in LF and let’s keep riding Melky in CF for a while.

    That said, I guarantee it’s Nate in CF and Melky in LF tonight.

  6. 231
    McOut Says:

    Good call on the line up, Steve. Unfortunately, I bet we won’t see Omar ever start again unless it’s for an infielder, which is rediculous. I would much rather have his bat n the line up than McLouth’s. McLouth sacrificed for a pitcher a week ago. A pitcher. He put both runners in scoring position for a pitcher and 2 outs. The guy is hopeless. Even he knows it. The question is, when will Bobby figure it out?
    Tonight’s Order:
    Prado, Heyward, Chipper, Glaus, Escobar, Cabrera, Ross, McLouth, Lowe
    Having McLouth in the line up is like having 2 pitchers not named Hudson in the line up. I just hope we don’t end up seeing an entire year of McLouth’s struggles, which I guess we almost have… Is he still under contract next year? I hope not, but I guess our manager next year might not assume a guy should play everyday based on past results.

  7. 232
    Curt Says:

    At this rate, this game isn’t starting until late. I keep hitting massive pockets of rain

  8. 233
    McOut Says:

    4 runs in the first. Are these our Braves??? Oh, Hamburglar’s pitching. Now it makes sense. Typical Hamburglar-supportive production I guess.

  9. 234
    Steve Says:

    Now that’s the way to start a game!

  10. 235
    McOut Says:

    Of course my namesake strikes out to end the inning. Like I said earlier, it’s like having two pitchers at the end of the order.

  11. 236
    Steve Says:

    What’s amazing, of course, is all the offense we’ve put up and all the wins we’ve logged despite McOut in the lineup as much as he’s been.

  12. 237
    McOut Says:

    Lowe and Hudson both raking it compared to McOut. Your right Steve, they’ve played well with 2 guaranteed outs every 9 hitters. It all comes back to Prado, Hinske, and Heyward. Those 3 have carried the Braves offense.

  13. 238
    McOut Says:

    I guess Zach Duke isn’t that good when we don’t sit a bunch of starters.

  14. 239
    McOut Says:

    Maybe let Rossy play the weekend against the lefties and let McCann rest-up and get healthy for the Phils…. McOut w/ another K. Shocking.

  15. 240
    Steve Says:

    Wow, McOut really, really blows. Just awful. Rest of the team, pretty good!

  16. 241
    Alan Says:

    Hey guys I found your blog via bottom 9 and I really like what I have read. I am moving to Georgia next year to play basball at Reinhardt University and will convert into a Braves fan. I was wandering if maybe I could get some love and be placed on your guys’s links list. I am just starting out with blogging and would really be grateful. Thank you!

    Going Deep,


  17. 242
    McOut Says:

    Same lineup as last night. I guess Bobby saw something in McOut’s K Trilogy last night to warrant another start. Would love to see Melky in CF and Omar in LF against the Lefty. If McOut gets out hit by our pitcher, again, then Omar should play. Just a thought… Has McOut had a hit in the last week????

  18. 243
    Anne Says:

    Headed to the ballpark – hope we get five innings in before rain…talkin’ 9pm rain. Go Braves!!

  19. 244
    Bub Says:

    Heyward homered off a lefty? That’s awesome. What that his first off LHP?

  20. 245
    Bub Says:

    I’ve got the headline for the next Troy Glaus walk-off:

    “Glaussy Finish”

  21. 246
    Bub Says:

    It was August 11 last year before the Braves went 5 games above .500 for the first time.

  22. 247
    Anne Says:

    Back on my couch – good to be at the game. Best comment from the peanut gallery – Pirate fan behind me to Burres: “C’mon! You’re giving up more hits than Rick Dees!”

  23. 248
    Bub Says:

    Um, wow, guess who has scored the most runs in the NL East? Look it up. You’ll be surprised. (rhymes with “Graves” and “Caves”)

  24. 249
    Curt Says:

    The Phillies?

  25. 250
    Bub Says:

    Braves have scored 234 runs.
    Phils have scored 231.

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